Unable To Eat Much Is This Normal 32Weeks

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Maureen - August 28

I am unable to eat much, hardly at all these days, or else I'll have the most excrusiating pain, and it's Horrible. Is this normal at this stage? Has anyone of you had this happen to them and did you loose weight at this time? Please let me know your stories. Thanks. XO


kellie - August 15

for me every pregnancy i have had that ended in a girl being born i lost weight i was and still am not able to eat a whole lot i cant even eat a normal amount i order off the senior menu at Dennys and still cant eat it all there is always at least half of it left. i have lost weight if you are concerned about it like i have been make sure to talk to your doc about it if you are loosing seginificent amounts of weight and the doc thinks that it might be effecting the baby he might be able to pescribe supplements at least that is what my doc told me at my last appt but he said right now my baby is growing just fine just becauase you arent gaining weight does not mean it is effecting your baby I lost 47 lbs with my last baby and they kept telling me she was going to be small about 5 or so lbs and she was 8 lbs 2.2 oz Some small baby HUh


Maureen - August 15

Wow, thank you for answering back so quickly Kellie, I REALLY APPRECIATE it. Glad to hear your last baby was healthy and strong, and I wish you the same for this one as well of course. Tonight I was able to eat quite well, most of the time I can only eat a very, very small portion at a time. I eat alot of Salad as well to help regulate me and so far it is working very, very well. So, I've sworn off all refined sugar today, and since I've done that, I can eat better, no heartburn etc. Only thing is now I am probably not eating enough carbs like bread etc. but can digest protien better without it. I eat my protien with either salad or fruit, so far so good. But I had to experiment alot. If I had, had a diet_tian tell me this from the beggining, it would have been better. Anyways, so far so good, cross our fingers. Again, thank you for any comments that you or anybody else would like to add. I'll check back quite often to see if anybody else has some input. Thankyou! XO


kellie - August 16

i am glad to hear it i hope that works for you i know how you feel....i have been eating alot of fruit i love peaches all the sudden that is all that i want and if i dont have my protine i am so sick. Dont worry about all the carb stuff you will be fine without it with protine calcium water and other things that you know you have to have you should be fine


Kali - August 20

i've got just a few weeks left and ever since my boy dropped, i haven't been able to eat very much. i have to lightly eat throughout the day. i used to be able to wolf down half a buffet, and now i can't hardly eat anything without feeling sick.i havent lost any weight, but i haven't been gaining as much since the baby dropped. i think the baby is just laying in a way that makes it suck to eat.


Sam - August 26

Hi Maureen, wow, I've got the same problem as you. I actually lost a few pounds. My Dr. said it's fine, and he's monitering me so don't worry so much about it, as long as you are getting the proper Nutrients, I think it should be okay. I think it's a good idea to take Vitamens though.


Lucy - August 28

I haven't been able to eat much at all since I've hit 30 weeks and was really worried. Glad to see it's part of the Pregnancy. I take vitams too. Sometimes I find I eat in the middle of the night though because I get hungry then, just a bit.


april - November 29

i have been in the same boat for like 3-4 weeks now and im 32 weeks....it seems like everytime i try to eat i fill up very quickly..sometimes i cant even finish a pb&j sandwich..but after i eat i feel like its not settling on my stomach right and i feel like its all gonna come back up. so i eat very little now days and im afraid that it will be harmfull to the baby? would it be harmful?


Mellissa - November 30

Having a 5+ lb baby in your abdomen is the indirect approach to a stomach stapling. He/she is squishing your stomach to the point where it fills up much quicker than usual and, let's face it, who feels like eating when there stomach is being sat on?! It get's worse when the baby drops as pressure is taken off the upper extremities (the lungs) and put back on the lower extremeties (the bladder and stomach) Hmmmm... wonder what the lesser of two evils is? If you're 37+ wks along than no worries because even if you lose weight, your baby wont. If you're only 30 wks or so, just eat smaller, frequent meals to maintain the calorie intake. I'm having to do this now too, especially since I seem to have regressed back to early-pregnancy food aversions!


Tiffany - December 4

I am 30 weeks,and i just went to the doctor and lost 3 pounds. I asked, she said it happens alot. I am also very small for 30 weeks. I kept worrying about how small i am, but the doctor said everything was good. Alot of people say u gain alot in your last 2 to 3 months.


mary - December 4

Yea im 34 weeks, and cant really eat, i feel nauseas most of the time now, not as bad at in first trimester where i threw up but im nauseas, no vomiting. I also havent been feeling that hungry like before, cuz before i would hungry within an hour or 2 after i ate. Im scared this might affect my baby, like the person who posted before me, i am small for me being about 8mo. I look more ike 5 mo. but i have been measuring normally, i dont see my doctor until tuesday. Im also scared that im not getting enough nutrients for my baby, i do take my prenatal vitamins every single day.


Lisa - December 15

I am 28 weeks and I have the same problem. I am short 5'1 and am short waisted. Everytime I eat I am in terrible pain. My food feels like it is sitting in the back of my throat. Sharp pains in my side and often throw up a small amount in my mouth if I burp. It sucks. I have been trying to snack on very small amounts all day. This helps a little


Beep - November 25

I am in my 33rd week, and have been having pretty severe diarrhea? Is this a sign of pre-term labour, or could this bring on labour?



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