Uncomfort Galore

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Taylors mama - March 7

So, I am in the middle of my 37th week of pregnancy with my second child (I'm due on the 26th of this month) and I have had a very uncomfortable pregnancy. I went for my checkup on monday, baby's head is very low and engaged, but my cervix is still closed. I can barely stay out of the bathroom for 10 minutes, due to all the added pressure on my bladder, and my lower back is killing me also (on both sides) Sleeping has become near to impossible too...I guess I am just wondering if anyone else experienced all of this and maybe some ideas to ease pain...I'm hoping to deliver soon (my daughter was 2 weeks early) and I'm so sick of being in agony...I picked up some Raspberry Leaf tea at the Health store today, and I'm hoping it will help with the uncomfort at the very least! Heating pads don't help, neither do warm baths.....I'm just hoping that all the added pain since I've been home from the Dr is because my cervix is starting to open....Sorry about the incredibly long question.


missycc4 - March 7

I started using primrose oil cap to help soften the cervix. My last ulrtasound I was at 37- 38 weeks. I had a Dr. appt today and my cervix is 1 almost 2 now. I'v been taking the primrose seen I was 34 weeks. At first I was taking 500mg now 2000 mg. I did the tea but all that did was make my BH more often and stronger. In the other post they say if you walk and have s_x a lot that will help as well. As far as being uncomfortable it only gets worse. The pressure and the pain down below hurts more as the baby get bigger. The back pain I had to go and get adjusted that helped for a little while but then the baby just got bigger and the pain comes right back. I'm now between 38 - 42 weeks being induced Tuesday.


Tammy276 - March 7

I feel you honey! I will be 37w tomorrow, due March 29th, and I have been so uncomfortable I can't take it anymore!! I am driving my husband crazy because I am complaining all the time, can't sleep, tossing and turning, getting up every 2 hrs. to use the bathroom, asking him for back ma__sages and to put pressure on my lower back all the time.....I don't know what to tell you to ease the pain, I think at this point, there is nothing...this is my second pregnancy also and I was never this miserable with my first so it is all new to me!! I just went to the health store yesterday and bought some raspberry leaf tea as well, hoping it will help things!! I have been 3cm and 60% effaced for 3 weeks now and each week I'm hoping that all the pains I've been feeling in my hooohaa are a sign that thigns are progressing, and each week it is the same thing w/ no change. (I started out at 50% effaced and am now 70%).....so that is the only thing changing......all I know is my DH is going to get lots of s_x this week to hopefully start to move things along!! I can't take it anymore!


missycc4 - March 7

I just got this Labor Balm in the mail. Its to help bring on labor if your 38 weeks and 2cm dilated. You put it on every 2 to 6 hours. well now that I'm being induced Tuesday I can send it back as long as I don't open it. It was 18.50 plus shipping which was 5.00 dollars. The web site is babybellybotanicals look it up and good luck


excited2bemama - March 7

OMG- you ladies are scaring me!!!! I am only 27 weeks and already constantly uncomfortable, constantly peeing and have constant back pain... I have a feeling that I have no idea how bad it is gonna get...


Taylors mama - March 8

I wish I was being induced on Tuesday missy!!...lol! I've heard that the primrose oil helps to soften the cervix, maybe I will be taking another trip to the Health store this week!!! I drank a few cups of the tea yesterday, and it hasn't seemed to do much in the way of starting labor (which I know it isn't supposed to apparently) but it did seem to help a little bit for a temporary fix for my back pain....I'm seriously considering going to get an adjustment...it kills. I feel like I'm walking around with a watermelon between my legs....hee hee...my daughter and I went for a walk yesterday also and I thought I was gonna die...I think I'll keep taking the tea and get some primrose tablets also!! Ahhhh....I just want this to be over!!!!



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