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in pain - October 6

im 37 weeks. my baby is kicking a lot still and it really really hurts!! thought there should be no room in there now? why does the kicking hurt so much? also have bad back ache, ribs are sore and ive HAD ENOUGH!! anyone else share my plight?


Britt - October 6

Oh yeah, I feel your pain! I'm 37 weeks too and everytime my son kicks, I twinge. Its the worst on my side. He still moves around like crazy which makes me think he is going to be on the small side? I have not had an estimated weight yet so I have no clue. At least we dont have much longer!!!


in pain - October 6

yeah thank god we are nearly there. knowing my luck i will go overdue by two weeks!! i went for a growth scan coz midwife thought baby was small so i thought that was why she was moving so much but apparantly shes average weight so i think shes just being a pest!!!!


lisa - October 6

my baby has stopped moving so much, but seems to push bum out one side and feet out other and it hurts, a friends friend was the same date as me and just had her baby girl im jelous, still 2 weeks 1 day till due date


in pain - October 6

lisa - how can you tell which body part is pushing on you? i stare at my bump while shes moving about and i cant make out what bit is what!!!!


VICKY - October 6

wow thats great. i am also 37 weeks with my first baby and last night my baby did not move at all for like 9 hrs is this normal? I would rather be uncomfortable and in a little pain then to be worried why baby isnt moving.


jo - October 10

You should try an ice cold drink and relax in a quiet room to see if your baby moves...if she doesn't then it would be wise to ring your midwife to be sure things are ok. As to pain, I have been told my baby is a biggun...I am 36 weeks and have lots of kicking, shooting pains in my lower bits!! So I think this is how it is going to be until delivery!!


Mary - October 10

I hear ya, sister! I had enough because I can no longer sleep besides what you mentioned. My back is killing me, my pelvic area hurts so much I can barely walk, I am tired all the time, I cannot stand long enough to cook a homemade meal anymore. I cannot walk enough time to go food shopping. I am done!



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