Undressing At Doctors Visits

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Tonya - May 15

At what stage or weeks of pregnancy do you have to start undressing at every visit?


Maddie - May 15

What? Never heard of that!!! I hope I don't have to undress. I'm 36 weeks, and haven't heard of that yet.


Jenn... - May 15

I think you will have to start undressing from waist down at about 36-38 weeks. It depends on your doctor and when he/she likes to do internals (checking your cervix).


NG - May 15

It is your choice if you want an internal done or not. It is a good idea to ask if it is needed or not.


ally - May 16

i am on my 2nd pregnancy and i didnt undress until I was in the hospital, in labour! Unless you have problems they dont look at you until labour to see how much you are dilated


Sabrina - May 16

Ummm....can't check your cervix with your pants on...


Sabrina - May 16

Ummm....can't check your cervix with your pants on...Oh, and most Drs. check your cervix at 36 wks. That is how they know I was 3cm and 50% effaced at that visit. I don't think they can guess that.


sara - May 16

tonya, at my dr. visits I only have to undress from the waist down. Though most dr.'s wait until you are 36wks, I ask my dr. to start this at 35wks because I was anxious to see if I was effaced or dilated, which I wasn't until I was 36wks. Maddie, do you have a doctor?


ally - May 17

well i guess its different in britain, i only show my stomach and they measure the bump from top to bottom, to get the fundal height, they dont need to check the cervix! Thats not done until labour starts to see how much you are dilated, i dont think you need to know how much you are dilated until you have to in hospital. I must say i prefer this way than having to undress in the docs, but here we only see midwives for checkups. We dont see the doctor at all unless there are complications.


sara - May 17

Tonya, where are you from? I am from the US. I noticed Ally is from Britain. I guess they do things a little different there because I get my cervix checked and my belly gets measured from the pubic symphasis to the top of my uterus.


em - May 17

I'm in the U.S. and at my hospital they don't check till 38 weeks. I would be very disappointed sitting 3cm dilated for 4 weeks! I'm with Britain...its not really necessary, doesn't tell you when the little one will arrive and my exam though short and relatively painless caused spotting which is not all that pleasant.


sara - May 17

em, your right about not wanting to wait four weeks, but unfortunatly for me, I thought the whole process of effacement and dialation started at once and the baby would be hear within a week. Wrong. I've been 75% effaced with no dilation for 3 weeks and have since read I could stay like this all the way till actual labor.


jen - May 17

dont think you need to worry until labour begins but by then so many people will have had a peek and a prod, you wont be thinking twice about it!!! smear tests are much less of an embara__sing ordeal after having a baby!!


ally - May 18

It really is different how you do things out there, Ive read a few sites and everyone saying how many cm"s dilated and how much effaced when it means nothing until you are 10cm"s, in labour and ready to push. Im gald i am not looked at until absolutely necessary and thats 40wks and in labour,hopefully then.



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