Unhappy With MD

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LoriAnn2994 - March 29

Does anyone's else's MD not take them seriously. I was diagnosed with SPD and my MD acts like it is just nothing. I am in terrible pain.


Tess - March 29

What does SPD stands for?


LoriAnn2994 - April 2

Symphysis Pubic Diastasis. The pelvic boes are seperated too much. Mine is seperated verticle instead of horizontal


Renee-Marie - April 2

I had a similar posting just a few days ago, and the women all seemed in agreement, that if I was unhappy, then it was up to me to make myself happy, and if htat meant getting a new doctor, then I should - and I am in the process of doing that now. Think about it.... even though it's a scary time to change doctors, what better time than Now? If you don't like him during an exam, how are you going to feel in the delivery room??? Good luck. I hope you find someone who makes you feel comfortable.


Tess - April 2

Ic. How are you feeling these days? I read one of your post and youve mentioned youre 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.....How's the baby doing? When are you due?


LoriAnn2994 - April 3

Well, I am currently on bedrest taking Brething for contractions. I am 33 weeks, almost 34.


Tess - April 3

Same here. Im almost 34 wks this Friday w/ a due date of May 19th.


Heather W - April 3

Loriann...that could be the reason for so much of your low back pain...becaause that would put your lumbar and sacrum out of alignment...creating ALOT of pain. I f you can tolerate to, try stretching out the muscles of the inner thigh..as they attach to the pubic symphisis..and if too tight, they will pull the joint out of alignmaent, espescially since the ligaments don't do their jobs right now. I have had experience with this..personally and some of my clients (i am a ma__sage therapist) have had it. Hopefully that works for low back pain...but it could definately be back labour as well. Good Luck!



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