Unreasonable Or Not

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Kelly K - September 21

My sister-in-law decided she wanted to plan my baby shower. To which I agreed. Well.. she just mailed out the invitations Saturday and the baby shower is scheduled for this Saturday. It gave everyone about 4 days notice of the event. With the lack of notice, only my parents are able to make it. No other family members or friends can due to other engagements already scheduled. Due to her lack of judgement, I asked that it be rescheduled so my family can attend or just cancel it out right. She's now upset with me saying that I'm being unreasonable. Is it really unreasonable to want my family to be able to join in as well??


Tanyav - September 21

I can't believe that she sent out the invitations out a week before the shower. What was she thinking? You are not being unreasonable. I would either have two showers, one for her side of the family and one for yours OR reschedule the shower


Kelly K - September 21

She has since canceled the entire thing and doesn't want to be involved in planning another one. So I'm letting my aunt take over. I know she'll do a lot better than that. I've spent the last 2 days an emotional wreck as each family member kept calling and saying they couldn't come. I just won't worry about it anymore I guess.


patty - September 21

Your sister in law sounds petty and maybe jealous of your pregnancy. Listen to me sounding like this but really it is what I think. She has enough common sense to know that short notice like that will keep people from being there and the fact that she is being unreasonable and grouchy cause you wanted to reschedule is nuts!!!! I would agree you should just let someone else help you and not worry about her and her sad self


tracy - September 21

i don't think you're being unreasonable at all! who sends out invites the same week as the party? no wonder nobody can come. try not to worry about it, her heart was in the right place and since your aunt is taking over i'm sure it will work out well. i begged my mother & mil to not throw a shower because it always causes stress; but of course, my mil didn't listen and i'm going to my shower in a week ... :P


J - September 21

I have two friends who offered to host my shower, and they only sent out the invites about 10 days early (both were involved in a wedding in early sept). Alot of people won't be able to make it, which kind of bums me out, but there's nothing I can do about it.


MK - September 21

The girls at my work through my baby shower....I saw the invites laying on the manager's desk and wrote them out myself! I told her that they had to have notice and I thought 3-4 weeks was better than 2! It seem to bother her...she wouldn't let me help with anything else for the shower:) You were not unreasonable Kelly! Good luck on "your" baby shower!!! I hope this one goes well!


Julie - September 21

Not to be mean but what a c___ppy sister in law you have. I can't imagine my family planned mine months in advance. I hope the next one goes well. This is all you need.


Amy - September 21

I am going through almost the same thing. My MIL planned my shower for the 1st of October. My due date is the 9th of October. She didn't ask if everyone on my side can make it. Now my mother and my step mother cannot attend. I am furious. Now it will just be me and my husbands family. I appreciate her intentions, but it wasn't thought out or planned the right way. It is not unreasonable to be upset. Now the 2 most important women in my life won't be able to be there for me. I think that your sister in law kind of dropped the ball on this one. Maybe your friends can have one for you at a later date. I feel your pain. Good luck


Kelly K - September 22

Thanks everyone. I feel better knowing that I'm not crazy and hormonal. After speaking with my mom & aunt.. I decided just to not have a baby shower at all. They wanted it to just be my family and that was the point of me canceling the first one. I want everyone to be able to come. So other than going insane with the whole thing.. I'd rather not have one at all. Luckily people at work are throwing me one next week. At least that one I'll be able to enjoy.


J - September 22

As a follow-up to the late-sent invites, i just found out today that the invitations only have street address, no city/state, so some people have no idea where it is, and it's sunday. so one friend is sending out an email today w/directions. Just irritating, something I didn't want to have to worry about.


c - September 23

Why don't you have a "shower" after the baby is born. This way everyone can come see the baby and you'll know exactly what you still need as far as baby goodies. I'm sorry your shower wasn't planned appropriately.



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