Upper Back Pain Question

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nanders - March 9

hi I posted this in the discomfort section but never got any answers! Hopefully I'm not the only experiencing this!! I have horrible back pain right along my bra line. It feels like I have a rib out, and a huge knot or something. It's only on the left side and has kept me up for the past two nights. I've tried ice, heat, counterpressure, everything!!! Any suggestions on relief?. And I know this may sound strange but back labour is usually only the lower back hip area right?. I don't want back labour!!! Thanks!


AkRotts - March 9

I am having the same type of pain. Like yours, mine is only on the left side, right at my bra line. It is my ribs, both in the front and back. I have been having this pain for the past 3 weeks and nothing seems to work at relieving the pain. :(


nanders - March 9

Hi thanks for replying! I'm sorry but I'm glad I'm not the only one, I thought I was strange there for a bit when no one was replying! If I find something that works I'll be sure to tell you! mine is really bad again today! Take care!


candaceann1 - March 9

I have had the same pain since week 18 (now at week 37). Nobody ever responded to my post when I questioned the pain so I went to the ER,had bloodwork, an EKG and echocardiogram done just to make sure. The Dr said it must be pregnancy related or because my b___sts are so large this pregnancy.


AkRotts - March 9

My Dr suggested that I try a maternity support for my belly. I haven't purchased one yet, but since the pain is a lot more constant than it used to be, I will be ordering one this week. I will let you know if it makes any difference for me.


danimarie - March 9

Nanders....I had this pain but in my right side. But it was front and back and so uncomfortable. I was having Chip rub it all the time and it wasn't going away......well, lately the baby hasn't had her feet in my ribs and amazingly the pain has almost completely gone away. I honestly think it is pressure that the baby is putting up inside our ribcage and it is making everything hurt....if it is bad enough to keep you up at night it does seem like maybe you do have a rib out of place. Anyway, that is all I can seem to think it is. I still get it....but it seems to be only for short amounts of time now instead of all the time. I hope you girls get some relief soon!


excited2bemama - March 9

I have this too.. and I am only 27 weeks. I think its from the uterus pushing on the ribcage- its really painful and its only on my left side too. I notice it gets worse when I am sitting or if I wear an underwire bra... I know its not from my b___sts b/c they are still teeny tiny.. LOL- I haven't found anything that helps either....


Tracy88 - March 10

I was having horrific upper back pain exactly where you are, so I sought medical help. It was so bad that it was affecting my daily life. The doc gave me something for the really bad days of pain, but also sent me to physical therapy. The therapist said that my center of gravity had changed (due to the BELLY), therefore changing my posture, and that my upper back was compensating for the change and spasming. I was given 5 minutes of heat, ten minutes of ma__sage, and a few little exercises. Those things only offered temporary relief, so the ma__sage therapist stepped things up a bit and ma__saged deep under my shoulder blades, etc....and then suddenly, two days later, I felt so much better. My back still hurts on some days, although not as bad as it was. The doctor had even said that after a while the body just gets used to the change too, which I think it has done. Laying down periodically throughout the day even if it's just for five minutes, really helps too. Good luck!


Kristin11 - March 11

I too get this pain ladies, it is horrible, but according to my doctor it is just the pressure of everythign being smushed and it will go away when the baby comes. I actually tend to slooch in my chair just to relieve pressure on my ribs. It is worst on the right side. and nanders yes back labor is the lower back, kind of feels like heavy cramping in your back when it first starts. I had back labor with my daughter.


laurenl - March 11

I have this pain really bad too. I've tried the maternity belt and the chair back support for work and neither of those helped at all. I can't even sleep on my side for a long period of time because my back hurts so bad. And it's mostly after I've sat all day long at work. Even last night, we went out to dinner and sat there for 2 hours without getting up. I finally had to tell my DH that we had to go because my back was hurting so bad. And I had not sat all day. It's really annoying, but my doctor acts like it's just part of being pregnant. So I guess I'll have to deal with it.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 11

I've got this too, I actually had it right from the middle of the first trimester until now. Its worst when I'm walking or standing for long periods of time. Hubby gives me a ma__sage every night and that helps enough that I can get to sleep now, but I cant WAIT to get this baby out so that my back goes back to normal!


nanders - March 11

Thankyou sooo much I'll get my ma__sage therapist to check it out, and I'm going to talk to my chiroprator tommorrow!! I borrowed a straight back chair from my mum so we'll see if that helps!


flappergirl - March 11

nanders... check to make sure you're wearing the right size/shape bra. So many women wear the wrong size and a lack of support causes the exact pain you're describing. If you don't know how to tell... just go to any lingerie store and they usually have a girl trained in taking measurements.


Carly67 - March 12

I had the same pain except it was on my right side just below my bra line. It hurt so much to sit at my desk, drive, sit at the table and only when I laid on my side and my husband rubbed it did I get any relief. It was really really bad and constant from about maybe 27 weeks until 33 weeks now I am 36 weeks and it is much much better. I still get it sometimes but not everyday.


nanders - March 12

I was told by a friend that it's probably the baby pushing everything up under the ribs and putting pressure on them. Maybe that's why it gets better after the baby drops. So come on baby drop! :P I'm going to ask my doc tommorrow anyway.


jcross414 - March 13

OMG! I thought I was the only one with this! Everyone kept saying it should be lower back but I don't have that! My Dr. sent me to physical therapy. I'm going 3 x's a week and it is relaxing some but after three weeks is still very painful. When you sit in a chair, put a tennis ball directly behind the spot that hurts. It helps a lot!


ejmeskan - March 14

I have the EXACT same thing- I feel like I have a broken rib or something! My DH rubs it and it feels much better



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