Upper Thigh Pain And Pelvic Pain

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helena - September 10

I am experiencing fierce pain in my upper thighs and across my pelvis especially after resting or a nights sleep, I can bearly walk with the pain what is it please?


stacy - April 20

I have no idea, but I am 30 weeks pregnant and am experiencing the same thing. If you find out what it is please post it here....


J - April 22

could be separation of the symphysis pubis which is a joint in the very front part of the pelvic bone structure


Maureen - April 27

Oh no, this is concerning me as I don't take to pain very well. I'm in my second trimester now, please tell me if it lasts all day, and is this every preg. woman that gets this??


KF - May 5

As your pregnancy progresses, you may develop aches and pains in your hips and pelvic area. This is a normal sign that your pelvic girdle is preparing for childbirth. Pregnancy hormones are relaxing your ligaments, loosening up your pelvic bones so they can shift and open for childbirth.


Jen - May 10

I'm experiencing the same aweful pain and according to what I've read, it sounds the most like symphumus pubic dysfunction (spd) It seems like no one believes me when I say the pain is unbearable. I get it the worst at night!


Natalie - May 11

Im 39weeks and i have been in pain with it, mainly near my groin and top of thighs and mainly on the right hand side, coulnt get my trousers on or get upstairs. its also worse after a nights sleep-and i wake up with a lot of pain that fades after 10 minutes. i just keep thinking not long to go now!!!


Gia - May 12

im 27 weeks and im exactly the same i have pain when i have gotton up climbing the stairs basicly whenever i move around im alot bigger than with my first child so im guessing more weight and strain on muscles.let us know how u go on..


Nazan - May 13

I'm 30 weeks and i've been suffering the same pain for one week. I searched about it through the internet and found out that this symptom is seen in around one in 35 pregnant women and called symphhysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Accurding to what i've read, In pregnancy the hormone relaxin is released to soften the joints of pelvic bones in preperation for the birth of your baby, but in some cases the hormone causes the ligaments to soften and stretch too mouch and become painful. For more details visit: www. babyworld.co.uk/information/pregnancy/pregnancy problems


ruchi - June 1

its a relief to know that this pai is somewhat normal anad will not harm my baby; this being my first child i was worried, and sought information from the net. Thanks to you all i know its ok. Its painful, like you say- and gets worse with climbing stairs, and after lying down to sleep, but remember what is waiting for us all after a few more weeks/ months!!!! So hang on girls!!! All the best!! God bless.


Val - June 27

This is called Braxton Hicks pains and they can happen anywhere in your torso and upper leg area. This is my fourth child and it is more intense this time for me then its ever been before. I hate to break it to you but thjis is the way its going to be for the rest of your pregnancy and the best medecine for it is make your self as comfortabnle as possible and get others to dfo for you as much as possible. The good thiong about these is the fact that a re actually contraxcting your uterus so you will havew to less in the birthing suite


brucen - June 29

I have been experincing this pain since around my 12th week. It is definitly worse at night. I am afraid to roll over in bed, because I have been awaken by my hip "popping" back into place. Those constant trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night sometimes have me tears. I know that trying to get out of bed is going to cause my hip to pop back into place. I was told these were just common pains a__sociated with pregnancy, but they can be intensified if you have ever had problems with your hips before. I was in a car accident in high school and have had hip problems ever since. I never a__sociated that accident and this pain until I came across this site. http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm#Introduction BTW The info contained on the site is not limited to plus sized women.


lyns - July 11

I have had pain in my pelvice since 6 months and I am mow 36 weeks.It is caulsed by streched ligaments that hold the pelvice together and the best thing to do is ask to see a physiotheripist who can give you some exercises to do each day.These realy help the pain and help you to manage the problem


HD - July 12

I'm a physician in my eighteenth week of pregnancy and I am experiencing this pain. I've read the previous comments and I think I should let you know that this is not Braxton-Hicks pain/contractions. Though round ligament pain might be a factor, the more likely cause is pelvic ligament relaxation caused by the circulating hormones as described by the comment by Nazan on May 13th. Always remember however to speak with your health care provider about any discomforts you may have.


Lynnette - July 13

This is correct It is the softening of these ligaments however my daughter is now 7 weeks old and I still have pain in the pelvic area I think that it is the SPD mentioned on May 13th - I have a check up next week and will be discussing it with my OB/GYN I had a very large baby - 9.7 lbs - and I think that and the stretching has left me with this same pain that only occurs after sitting for a while or sleeping


marsha - July 22

It is great to read all your input...i am 36 weeks and at times it is almost unbearable to get out of a chair and walk...i am trying to stay very active and keep going!!! I have gained 20 lbs and thought at first this might be the extra weight but now i know better...it is worse when i try and do any movement of my LEGS!!! RAH!!! I hope i deliver at 38 weeks....then i only have 2 to go...hang in there! Best of Luck to all and congrats!!


gneblu - July 26

I am right at the 30 week mark and I have been having the same problem. I started going to a chiropractor and while that was near excruciating at first, I am feeling much better now. He also suggested moist heat with a rice pack but not too hot. And a fairly warm bath. Just make sure sure I didn't get my overall body temperature too high. I have been going to him for two weeks and today I could actually roll over and get out of bed on my own. I highly recommend going to an experienced chiropractor.



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