Upset About Inducing

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Amy_mommy - April 3

i'm 38 1/2 weeks & the doctor said that my placenta is getting old by looking at my ultrasound taht she could see white spots. that means, i would have to be induced...she said it's up to my choice if i want that. i'm due april 12th, which is 9 days away! what shall i do?


AML - April 3

Does your dr. think it will harm the baby if you arent induced? I would do what is best for your baby!


Amy_mommy - April 3

i'm not even open yet! NOTHING! so, i don't know, everyone said inducing isn't the best thing to do unless if you are overdue which i'm not as of YET


luvmyboys - April 3

I don't understand how your placenta could already be getting old if you're only 38 weeks. That sounds very strange. I would say if the baby is healthy and happy, keep waiting and don't let them induce you. They may want to monitor you more often and keep checking how things are, but as long as your baby is doing fine inside, I'd say wait.


Amy_mommy - April 3

she said mine placenta is getting old compared to other people who are 38 1/2 weeks, i don' tknow........


AML - April 3

I would wait if its no harm to you or the baby!


jas - April 3

Actually - I would let them induce. I had gestational diabetes which caused my placenta to age faster then normal... When it ages it does not fully function like it is supposed to so getting your baby out might actually be the better thing. I was induced at 39 weeks exactly and I wasn't dialated at ALL when we started. It went really well and my son is perfectly fine. the baby is considered fully developed at 37-38 weeks - I know the longer they are in there the better, but things happen and if your placenta is aging, its not doing what it's supposed to for your baby.


sparkles - April 3

If your placenta is getting old, then the best thing to do is to be induced. I know you want to go into labor naturally, but your baby's life is really at stake here. Once the placenta starts to get old, it's ability to carry nutrients, oxygenated blood, and other vital things for your baby starts to slowly decrease. I think it would be better to be induced than to take a chance that something could happen to the baby.


3babies - April 3

I agree, you cant muck around with an ageing placenta ... the baby isnt getting proper nutrition and will come to the point when he/she is better out than in. Your doctor should have sent you for a CTG to check that bubs isnt under any stress ... not being a know-it-all sorry, just have been in this situation myself. I couldnt be induced though as I was only 35 weeks and bub was not strong enough because placenta was very deteriorated. Good luck. Just remember lots of girls get induced everyday with good births!


^lucy^ - April 4

yes the placenta could get old even if ur not overdue.. i have no idea what the reasons are but i just discovered this fact at my 30 weeks mark.. i did a 3D u/s to see baby and the dr made the comment that my placenta looks young and healthy.. i didnt even know that they could be young and old lol.. its my first pregnancy so i had no idea.. im not sure about inducing though.. if it could harm baby to stay further,, its ok go on for ur baby's sake


meme - April 4

Get a second opinion... especially if you're sure when you conceived.


Angie in MI - April 5

Your doctor is the professional. If he/she thinks it is harmful for the baby and you are past full term, then I don't see the dilema. Do what is best for your child. I was induced and while it was no picnic, it was totally worth it! I ended up having to get a c-section because I just wasn't dilating, but everything turned out wonderfully! Good luck to you



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