URGENT Going To Induction Tonight

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afireinsideamanda - October 9

wsmv . com/ video /13210018/index.html?taf=nash without any spaces.... theyre using this on me. now ive read alot of bad things about cytotec on the internet, but when its on the news, thats a whole nother situation. what do i do???? i watched three seconds of this video and started crying my eyes out . im scared as h__l


sarah21 - October 9

Insist they use something else on you! Don't let them badger you into a medication you are not comfortable with and that is not regulated by the FDA or approved for this use. Be a pain in the a__s until they give you something else to shut you up.


DaBonkElsMe - October 9

There are MNAY other choices for drugs that will induce labor. This one does not have to be used, and if I were you, I would call ahead and make sure that my doctor knew that I will not be taking cytotec due to the controversy. No matter what he says about it, you have a right to refuse it. No woman in the history of pregnancy has ever been pregnant forever, and while I know you are VERY anxious to get the pregnancy over it, don't do it at the risk of harming your health or the baby's. Make sure they have another drug available to induce you with, BEFORE you go in tonight. good luck.


afireinsideamanda - October 9

he was so rude to me too


HeavenisMine - October 9

Don't take the cytotec, he cannot force you to, and he also cannot force a c section on you if you refuse to take it. You do whatever you can, this doctor of yours sounds like something else.... There are many other options for inducing labor! He should know that.....goodness.


chickiepoo9 - October 9

it comes down to your choice not your docs so what if he is a jerk tell him that are not going to do it if you dont want to it's your body!


DaBonkElsMe - October 9

If you're still on here, you need to relax. Getting worked up is just going to tense up your muscles and make induction more difficult. Don't think about the c-section now, no use worrying about the future - it might not even come to that. I know how you feel about that one, i am scared to death of c-section myself, having never had surgery of any kind in my life. Cervaldi could work, but there are other options too, did you aske him to suggest something else if he's not happy with cervaldi? Sometimes doctors think they know everything and get nasty with patients who do their own research. You came to your own conclusions about cytotec, and he probably just doesn't like that, well too bad for him!! Just try and relax, breath calmly and just tell yourself that the cervaldi will work and that you will have your baby girl in your arms by morning. Visualize a smooth labor - it soulds weird, i know, but visualizing can actually help prepare your body. i feel for you, and I hope it all works out in the end.


qdogs_navywife3 - October 9

I was induced and my dr gave me several options on how to start it all.... he said that for cervadil to work on a cervix that has made no progress yet he would use a saline catheter in the cervix to irriate it so that it will start opening on its own then he would use the cervadil and later on once the cervix started doing something he would use the potocin. It turned out that my cervix had made some progress on its own before I got there so they only ended up using the potocin. Good luck.



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