Urgent Fundal Height Question

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DDT - May 9

I am 36 wks pregnant and went for my prenatal appointment today. Last week my fundal height measurement was 35cm and now today it is 32cm. I have always measured right on for my week. This is the first time there has been a discrepancy and its a huge discrepancy. The doctor says baby isn't engaged yet so that isn't an explanation. I have to go and get a ultrasound done sometime in the next week to find out why I am measuring so much smaller this week. Doctor thinks the baby could be in a strange position, but I don't think that could explain the whole 4cm off in measurement. Baby's heart rate was great at 140bpm. My blood pressure was 110/60...which isn't bad. My weight has been great. I don't know why this week is any different and I am quite afraid of hearing that my baby is developing properly. Has anyone been through this or have any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks!


ChattyKathy - May 9

Could be your fluid levels dropping? Otherwise I say could be just random. I'm 37 weeks and measuring 40. I was measuring 40cm last time, too.


cattac - May 9

did the same dr measure both times? sometimes if different drs do it that can cause a discrepancy


DDT - May 9

There is the possibility that my fluids could have drastically dropped. I don't know what else would cause such a change within a week. cattac: It has been different docs measuring me, and the doc I had today mentioned that it could be that the last doc didn't measure me properly. But she didn't sound very confident. She took the measurement 4 times hoping for a different reading. At 32 wks I measured 32cm, then at 35 wks I measured 35cm, and now at 36 wks I measure 32cm. I hope my baby is doing okay. I hope they don't make me wait too long for my u/s. Thanks for your input.


CgGirl - May 9

Could it be that she took it wrong at 35 weeks???



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