Urine Or Amniotic Fluid

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Dawn - April 14

How can you tell if you are leaking urine or amniotic fluid? I wear a panty liner daily and it does seem to get wet every day. I am 31 weeks along. Does amniotic fluid have a color or smell to it?


Kymmi - April 14

From my experiences, amniotic fluid is generally pretty clear. But you could just be discharging which would have a whitish / yellowish color and sometimes is accompanied w/ a smell, which is completely normal.


Allison - April 14

Amniotic fluid usually does not have a smell. It can have color, but only when there is something wrong or when the baby has had it's first bm invitro. In cla__ses they tell you to remember TACO when it comes to amniotic fluid. Time Amount Color Odor. I was asked all the questions when my water broke in my first pregnancy.


LS - April 14

I thought I was leaking fluid when I was 30 weeks, I went to the doctors and she said it was just urine. She said when you wear a panty liner if it gets soaked through it is probably amniotic fluid if not the baby is probably just pushing on your bladder. If you are worried go to the doctors there are a few easy test they can do to see what it is!


Dawn - April 15

I went to the doctor yesterday to determine if this is amniotic fluid or urine I was leaking. After running several test it was determined that is is urine leakage and possible an urinary tract infection starting that is making me constantly have the urge to urinate. I am going for a sono today to check on the baby and the fluid as well. Thanks everyone.


cmt - April 17

amniotic fluid is supposed to be clear, and smells sweet. If there is maconium in the water (the baby's first bowel movement) it looks like pea soup. I wouldn't worry about having more wetness, this is common in the last 2 months as you have less and less bladder control.


brittany - May 9

what does amnotic fluid smell like i am not sure and i think that mine just did



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