Uterus Not Growing Properly

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kristyn1028 - December 7

I just got back from the doctor for my 35 week check up and my uterus was still measuring 33 weeks, same as my last appointment. I havent gained any weight, but lost a pound, and he ordered an ultrasound for tuesday. He didn't say much other than he wants to see if the baby is growing right.. Has anyone else had this happen?? What will happen if the baby isn't growing?? Im a little confused and nervous.


Stephanie_31 - December 7

Usually if the baby isn't growing properly, they will do a c-section. A baby that is not growing properly usually does fine after it is born. They will take good care of your baby and at 33 weeks he/she has an excellent chance at being healthly and happy.


Stephanie_31 - December 7

I should add, that chances are everything is fine! Fundal height is not an exact science.


cattac - December 7

Did the same dr measure you this time that measured you last time? Different people measure people diffrently believe it or not. When I was pregnant with my first I had dr#1 measure me at say, 24 weeks (which was 4 weeks ahead), then at my next appt dr #2 measure me at 22 weeks (2 weeks behind) and then at the next appt the dr#1 measure me at 28 weeks. It's bizarre. Try not to worry too much. It could be Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) which I know some people that have had this. Basically where the baby stops growing proprerly for whatever reason. The people I've known with this have either been induced or c-sections but their babies have ended up fine with no problems.


cattac - December 7

Oh and I forgot....my baby was fine- born at 38 1/2 weeks weighing 9 lbs.


Ella82 - December 7

I am sure the scan will show that everything is fine fundal height is not accurate. From about 30 weeks or so i was 1 cm under then it was 2cm it did grow 1cm each week from 37weeks (at that stage i was always 3cm under) i had a scan and baby was perfect it showed that she was in the 40th centile which means when born she will be just under the average weight for babies - and it was right i had my little girl on Monday at 39wks 2 days weighing 6lbs 15oz perfect and healthy!!


Jilloh - December 7

I say wait until the ultrasound and you visit with the doctor after word because you can't tell anything really by the old fashioned method......two weeks ago your baby may have been laying one way and this week your baby may have been laying another causing the difference. I had a sister in law who just delivered her baby they too were worried that her baby wasn't growing but at 38 weeks her baby was born 6 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches! Good Luck let us know how it turns out.


tracielee - December 7

hi kristyn, i've been wondering where you have been! make sure to let us know how your u/s and appt go. i'm sure everything will be just fine.. just try not to stress yourself out in the meantime. <hugs> tracie


kristyn1028 - December 8

It has been the same doctor measuring me all along. But I will just wait it out and see. I was just curious what it could've meant so thanks for the replies! Tracielee- I moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend so thats why I haven't been on much lately, we don't have the internet there!! I can't stand it! Hows your pregnancy going??



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