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sparkles - March 17

Ok, here's my question. I'm 35 weeks. I've been getting mild UTI s/s for almost two weeks now. After having two cultures done, neither of them showed anything and my ob said I didn't have a UTI. My s/s come and go, but aren't severe. I have more feelings of urgency and frequency than anything else. I have been started on antibiotics just in case there is something there that is just starting to grow. I have been on antibiotics for about three days, but am still getting the s/s very mild off and on. Anyone else experience this? Do you think that it could be the position of the baby and maybe she is bumping on my bladder and urethra and causing irritation. I do have a history of UTIs. So I'm really confused as to what's going on!?


sparkles - March 18

Thanks! I don't think I have one, because the s/s are so mild and come and go. I think if I had one, the s/s would be consistent and get worse over time. I'm really thinking, though, that it may just be the baby bumping against my bladder and causing discomfort and UTI like s/s. Thanks, for your response!


Daniella - March 31

I went to the hospital a week and a half ago thinking that I started a UTI also (at 33 weeks pregnant)... and it also came back all normal. They say they get this very frequently. Especially around this time in the pregnancy.. the symptoms are similar to pregnancy discomforts. If you are showing neg. then dont worry! Sparkles, did they do an internal exam yet? Right when I thougth I was having an UTI and went to the hospital I was starting to dilate. Don't know if they come hand in hand.. but, just wondering. HOw is everything else going?


sparkles - March 31

Actually, I was on my 5th day of antibiotics for precautionary measures when I ended up at the hospital for pre-term labor. I ended up dilating 2 cm. and becoming 70% effaced. My urine continued to come out clean. So no UTI that they could find. Now that I'm off the antibiotics, I'm still getting urgency and frequency sometimes. I think that the baby has been rubbing and bumping on my bladder and urethra and causing irritation.


Daniella - April 1

sparkles- yea, so it probably wasn't anything to do with a UTI (or infection).. its just your body is trying to dilate and efface. I can't believe your doctor is allowing you to take meds for an infection you don't have. Thats unnecessary during pregnancy!! How far are you now?? and when was the last time they checked to see where you are at now? When I thought I had a UTI last week, I was 1cm dilated, and 25% effaced. I went back in yesterday because I started bleeding (with no s_x or an internal) and I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I am only 34 weeks now. So, who the heck knows whats going on. They did another urine test yesterday and again.. no infections. and they babies head was far down, so it must just be their head putting pressure on your lines. lol.. I'm sure all will be fine.


sparkles - April 1

They actually started me on the antibiotics at my request. Because of my history of UTIs, I felt more comfortable being treated with something just in case the infection was just starting, but not showing up on cultures (which has happened with me before). I was, also, given macrobid, which is safe for use during pregnancy and is the antibiotic that is used to treat UTIs in pregnancy. Trust me, my ob is not the type of md who just pops pills to pregnant women unless they feel that there is a good reason. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow. My dilation and effacement haven't been checked since coming out of the hospital, because there has been no reason to. I haven't started active labor and if I do, I can have the baby. If I were any earlier in my pregnancy, they would check me often. But I'm far enough along now that it doesn't matter now, as they consider 37 weeks full term and allow women to have the babies at 36 weeks if they have to. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I hope your able to keep your little one in as long as possible. But even if he/she were to come early, you are far enough along that just some time in the NICU would be all he/she would need. :)


Daniella - April 1

sparkles- hey thats great... I hear too many stories about woman whose doctors gave them certain meds during the pregnancy that they just shouldn't have. So, Im glad you are aware of what your taking and your dr. sounds great. :) Also, yea.. your far enough now that you really can just wait until you start active labor to see where your at. The only reason I got mine checked is because like you said, I wasn't to 37 weeks, so they wanted to make sure I wasn't approaching preterm labor. Heck, who knows.. I still might. I'm not quite 35 weeks yet. In a few days. Yesterday I had an unltrasound to make sure the placenta isn't near the cervix and everything showed great on the scan and she said the baby looks to be a good size and probably wouldn't send me to NICU if I gave birth in the week. Its a bit different for me. I am overseas due to the military and the miltiary hospital on base doesn't have a NICU. So, I would have to be transferred to the local Japanese hospital and I really don't want to do that. So, I hope if he does come early that he wont have any significant problems to be sent there. Dr. said yesterday she doesn't think so... but, you can never really know until he pops out. SO, I hope he stays in a bit longer. __How have you been feeling? Is this your first? Also, have you lost any mucus, etc. yet?


sparkles - April 1

This is my first baby and I'm having a little girl! I've been feeling really tired and having lots of contractions since coming out of the hospital last week. But I've heard that lots of contractions are the norm for women who experience pre-term labor. I just wish they would either stop or the baby would come out. All the contractions are wearing me down. The baby is doing wonderful and bouncing around like a happy little clam! She seemed to do better than me in the hospital! She was very active and all the drugs I had to be given didn't seem to effect her one bit. I did lose my plug in the hospital. I think it was the whole thing, as it was a lot of mucus in a huge, big, long glob! Yuck! Sorry, if tmi! I know it's unneccessary to check dilation and effacement at this point, but I wish they would have just to see if there has been any progress. I would like to know if I finished effacing or dilating any more. I have a feeling that I have. Now it's just a waiting game to see when baby will make her big entrance! Is this your first, also? Do you know what your having? I thought that the military gave women maternity leave until their baby was born?? Are you having to work right now or just chill on base until your little one arrives? Is your significant other able to be with you? Sorry, if I sound nosy! I just can't imagine being pregnant, overseas, getting ready to have my baby in a foreign country, and without my hubby with me. That would make me so nervous! Hey, keep in touch so we can hear how each other is doing. With the way we're going, we both may pop our babies out at the same time! Oh, have they given you any steroid injections to further the baby's lung development? If they think your going to go soon, then I would think they would want to give this to you asap.


Daniella - April 1

Sparkles- Yea, right now I am just taking it easy. Actually I am a "head" doctor. lol... so, right now I just don't have any patients booked. Well, not many. I will still see a few here and there towards the end of the day. Anyhow... yes, my hubby is here with me as well also military. Yet, right now he's been gone for 3 weeks and comes home in 2 days. Can't wait!! Yet, he will be leaving again shortly after he gets home for another couple weeks. He's supposed to get back on my exact due date. So, if I don't have him (Yes, 110% boy) by the time hubby leaves, then I have to hold him in until my due date. LOL.. Its so hard to predict. Yet, if I do have him in the next couple weeks before he leaves, he might be able to stay behind. I will be 37 weeks, so thats not too bad. We also live off base, out in town... so, I don't really have anyone near by. Definitely no family here. My parents are coming out on May 11th to May 29th, so that will be nice. As far as the drugs go to help mature the lungs.... they dont give that to you unless you are actually in labor. Having dilated, effaced, etc. isn't a prime indication that baby will come early. There is just really no way to know for sure. If I go in with real contractions and they know birth is inevitable, then yes.. they would give me the meds to mature the lungs (if its still preterm). Also, if you want to know how dilated and effaced you are, you could just ask. Even though it may not put much weight on for when you will actually deliver.. at least you can know about where your body is at the current. Keep me posted!!!


Chrissy - April 4

Hey sparkles- I am at 32 weeks this week and I had to go to the hospital last week for preterm labor too! I was having contractions every 4 minutes and they had to give me a big ol shot in the rear to stop the contractions. I thought it affected me more than the baby too which is good, cuz i was worried, but I felt some kicks in the middle of the night when I was groggy and it was a relief to know the baby was still kicking. I feel better after reading your postings and I just want to thank you for that! A lot of what you have described sounds so similar to me. i have been having quite a few contractions since leaving the hospital too. I have also had lots of problems with UTI symptoms but no infections. I see the doctor tomorrow as a follow up since being released from the hospital so we'll see what he has to say. Good luck to you, and thanks again for making me feel a little more "normal"!



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