Vagina Pain

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Sonya - August 2

i was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me i sometimes get these va___a pains like the is gonna kick out of my va___a and if these was normal


Chantal - June 14

Well I'm 36 weeks and I experience pain aswell. Sometimes the baby will move and kick and it causes pressure to the v____a area ...Hope this helped


Sara - June 14

I have had the same thing happen...kind of like a poking or pinching feeling like a leg or hand is poking out at my v____a...I asked the doctor about it b/c it was getting kind of rough and he told me that there is a major nerve that runs along the cervical wall. When a part of the baby's body pushes against it, it pinches that nerve and causes a sharp pinching feeling near the top of the v____a. Hope this helps!


Christina - June 14

I am 29 weeks and get them their all the time. I am sure it is ok because I can feel her kicking twards my b___t too.


kate - July 26

i keep getting these sharp pains too. i have no idea what they are but they keep happeneing.


Lisa - August 2

I am 37 weeks and my v____a is hurting so badly, I did some research and what I have found is that late in pregnancy, your cervix falls to your v____a, and that will put tremendous pressure on your v____a. Sometimes I can hardly walk. Get ready, you baby's coming soon. Best Wishes.


michelle - December 17

i am 28 weeks and i get those v____a pains they really get me worried they arent strong and hurtful but its a discomfort


Des - January 17

I have had those sharp twinges too since the first trimester. I am 37 weeks now and my pubic bone where it connects to my thy feels very bruised when I use the thy musles. Please respond.


belgian - January 18

yes its normal..its because your ligaments, pelvic muscles and also those that connect to your thigh down are being stretched, reshaped, and pressured by the demands of a growing baby. I asked my doctor about htis because I get the same. But at 39 weeks the pressure lies mostly on my pelvis now. Its very heavy and painbful to get up sometimes.


betty - January 20

I am 31 + and get them most of the times i try standing up or changing position when i am sleeping i am sure it is part of ride


Naomi - January 21

I am 28 weeks and feel the same. Des I know where you are coming from feels kinda like someone kicked you and left a heck of a bruise! Some times when he moves it feels like he is gonna fall out and instantly my kegal muscles reflex to almost feel like they are hugging him back in! also feels at times like all the wieght is falling down and settling low. I have an appointment on monday I am already a fingertip dialated so we will see what she says and maybe end up with an ultra sound.


Suzy - February 10

i had the same problem. it would feel so painful in my v____a area that i couldn't sleep at night or walk around too much. if i sit for a long period of time, the pain goes away eventually. hope this helps.


Chantel - June 1

Hi, I am 39 weeks and the pain at night is so bad I can hardly walk or even turn sides. It is a throbbing pain that wakes me up in the middle of the night. You are not alone. Woe to us!!!


Sara - June 2

I am nearly 33 wks, and I have had those pains for most of my pregnancy. I am so used to feeling pain when I get out of bed in the morning, or stand up. A few weeks ago, it got really bad to the extent that I could barely walk, but luckily it subsided within a few hours. It is rea__suring that other women have gone through the same thing. When I asked my doctor about it, he said he didn't know why I would feel that pain. Weird.


lollypop - June 12

hey,i'm 15 years old and i get sharp pains above my pubic bone when my boyfriend and i have s_x.we have had unprotected s_x for about 5 months.could i be pregnant?


Maddie - June 13

Of course you could be.


Ms.Yami Yugi - August 30

will i am just 18 years old and i will turn 19 on oct,1 my stamic hurts and my Stamic get sick and sometimes my stamic get tight and i breath hard! My Veginol hurts like Needles and it get worth! what it could be?!



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