Vagina Pain On Left Side

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AS - January 19

I am in my 33rd week of pregnancy. Since last few days I have been having pain in my va___a- left side to be exact. It is not too painful but it I have noticed that it gets worse when I am walking. Has anyone of you experienced that? Many thanks!


Miranda - January 20

anyone experiencing that? I am having the same problem.


Marie - January 29

I am only 28 weeks and experiencing the same thing...sometimes both sides though. It feels a little like pressure, but when I walk it gets way worse.


Burgundy - February 3

I am 27 weeks and have been having those pains since about week twelve. Not a cramp but not like a surface pain either. Kind of a dull throbbing....My doctor says maybe like a vericose vain. Nothing has helped.


Angela - February 5

I'm on my second pregnancy and had that pain with both. Pregnancy contributes to all sorts of odd little pains, possibly because of the way the baby it sitting (on a nerve or vein or tendon).


steph - February 6

I have this pain too. I feels like a sore way up in there and on the left. I am going to the doctors tomorrow to see if they know what it is. I will write again when I find something out.


Jess - February 13

I have been experiencing the same thing since about 31 weeks. I am 34 weeks now. This last time, I completely forgot to mention it to the doctor since I was running late. Did any of you find out what this is? I've had it really bad all day today!


becca - February 13

i get this pain too


Katrina - February 14

If could be due to alot of things, the baby putting pressure on your pelvis, nerves, muscles, etc. I am on my 4th pregnancy and experienced this pain with all of them. It's normal.


Heidi - February 14

I am now 28 weeks into a third pregnancy I have had this problem since about 20 weeks into my pregnancy . I have seen a consultant who diagnosed varicose veins in the vulva which other than support tights suggested keeping legs raised as much as possible.


Lhing - February 14

i'm currently 33 weeks too.... i have pain in both side.. get worse when I walk....this is my 2nd pregnancy..many pain that never happened........ happenned.. back pain... v____a ( or tendon around vergina) pain.. leg muscle doesn't has energy... in the last pregnancy i can do exercise...i squad down and stand up 20-30 times each round.. this pregnancy i almost can't do it.... the most is 3-5 times then i already get tired and my leg has no more energy..... some time untill shaking....same things happend to me when i have constipations have to push hard during pa__sing motion.....i'm tired...


j - February 16

I heard that there is a nerve that runs along the inside of the belly and if the baby presses against it, it causes a kind of pinching pain in that v____al area.


STEPH - February 25

Hi, I talked with a nurse and she said it could be many things, and told me to rest more and drink more water. I was annoyed at first since this is what they say for most of the pregnancy stuff, and I felt this was something more than a pinched nerv. But I have to say it has gone a way. I thought it was an infection or blister or something but the rest and water worked after a few days. Try it ...and write back if it helps you too.


Cheryl - March 10

With two of my three pregnancies, I have developed this pain on the left vulva side during the third trimester. My OB said that she thought it was due to vascular inflammation. With my first, I also had a polyp on that side protruding. My children were each over nine and a half pounds, so I feel that they are bearing down, although they were of unstable lie.


noz - April 27

hi ,i am 22weeks pregnant and i have same pain both side -right&left side especially if i am walking i dont know what is going on cause its my first pregnancy & i asked a midwife she says cause my v____a is small so it growing and slowly making room for the delivery but talking to another young girl she have had her baby boy lately she says she never had this problem so she tling me to see a doctor and i am so frighten know .


Cristle.... - April 28

ITS ROUND LIGIMENT PAIN!!!!! And the only thing you can do for it is this.... which ever side is hurting at the time lay on that side. drink lots of water !!!!!!


andrea - June 15

I have started having a pain on the left side of my v____a, where the veins are, but I am not pregnant. Is this normal?



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