Vagina Pain On Left Side

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andrea - June 15

I have started having a pain on the left side of my v____a, where the veins are, but I am not pregnant. Is this normal?


Jenny - August 6

I am not pregnant and I have loads of pain, DR. thinks I ripped a ligiment. strange had this for about 2 years, just now getting a MRI some DR.'s stick


Bobbi Myers - August 29

I had my v____a swell also and had vaines bust and bleed into my skin it was better when i stayed off my feet and did not pick up heavy things Hope this will help


Sophia E. Green - September 17

I came online because I am having the same pain, but I am NOT pregnant (I think). I am having pain in my v____a, and it is the left side to be exact. This is very painful, and it get worst as I walk.


Kelsey - November 30

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I have been having this pain on both sides as well for about a week now but it feels like a sharp stabbing pain and then it goes away. If im waliking or doing anything I have to stop immediately cause its quite painful, I don't see my Doctor for another week so hopefully someone knows what this is?


JoJo - December 20

I am 33 weeks and this is my second. I get a sharp pain in my v____a when I am on my feet to long and I drop to the floor due to it hits so fast. I also have other pains in my pelvis but it is mostly on my right side. I can feel a buldging vein so I think that is adding to the presure down there. I hope it will go away. Anyone else the same?


ameigh - December 20

maybe its braxton hicks contractions or it could just be some of the lovely pain that comes with pregnancy =)


Michelle - December 28

I kinda got scared reading this...I know Iam not Pregnant (well better not be)but Iam having the same pains plus a swore that is hard on the left side with a sharp pain..Does anyone know what it could be..Iam afraid to go to the Doctors


Amy - December 30

I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant and have recently begun to experience the same pain, on the left side of my v____a, it's a quick shooting pain and comes in waves, have not noticed it more or less when I walk, seem just to come randomly


monique - December 30

I hav eit too, my doctor said it the ligaments down in the are preparing to strech for child birth . This is my second child and didn't remember the first time but I know how it feels now.


Lean - January 5

when I was pregnant with my daugther I had the pain you are talking about. The baby may laying in a spot that it hitting a nerve. So don't worry I believe this is quite normal I had heavy pressure feeling it is normal


sdgirl79 - February 25

I am 13 weeks and I have been experiencing that pain for a few weeks now. I read that that area will get larger because of all the extra blood in the body. Maybe growing pains. Just a thought.


Amy - February 26

Hello. I went to my doc with the same problem. He checked me and informed me that my baby was head down and low and pushing causing me the pain. He told me that the best thing I could do was to lay down and elevate my legs. There is no cure for it until the baby is born though. Incase though, go see your doctor about it. It never hurts to make sure of something. Good luck and Congrats!


twinnephraim - January 30

I'm six months pregnant and it's tender on the left side of my v____a near the hairline, is this normal?



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