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Nurs2b21 - October 10

Hi ladies! I know I have posted a similiar post before but I need some more reassurance. I am so concerned about how this baby is going to come out of me! I don't understand how something so big fits through such a little hole...sorry. This may be TMI but..I already burn really bad during s_x and afterwards I usually just go sit in the warm bath to make the burning go away. ..and I will swell. I just don't understand...if I burn and hurt from s_x...what in the world will I feel when this baby comes out! I'm scared he's going to get stuck or something. Is there anyone else like this...or any of you that felt this way and has had a baby and everytihng was okay. I just feel like I am so small down there that I'm already destined to split wide open...haha..sorry for TMI.


rebolson - October 10



rebolson - October 10

Ugh....let me try that again! Hi~ Everything you said???....EXACTLY how I felt with my first baby, who is now 17 months old. Pain during/after s_x, wondering HOW-IN-THE-HELL is a baby going to fit through there, secretly hoping for a c-section because of how I was worried, etc, etc, etc....anyway, the time came to have him. There was no question that it would be v____al and at the time, I wasn't worried at all about everything I had been worried about. I don't know if it's just because there's so much activity in the room so I was distracted or what, but I pushed, he was born, that was that (turns out he was a little one- 6lbs 2 oz, so that helped, I'm sure!). I was uncomfortable for a few weeks afterwards, yes, but nothing I couldn't handle. Now I'm 33 weeks with my second and I, surprisingly, DO NOT secretly want a c-section, since I know it's not that bad to go v____ally. Hope this helps some...just my two cents/my experience, but I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. Your body and its abililty may surprise you! GL!


beagle1223 - October 10

Don't feel alone in this - I'm due in a week and a half with my first and that is all I can think about! How are they going to get this baby out??? I know that women have been doing this for thousands of years, blah, blah blah ..... but it just doesn't seem possible, LOL! Plus, I'm worried about everything that could go wrong even though I've had a very uneventful pregnancy with absolutely no complications. I think it's only normal to feel anxious like this. The only thing I can offer is try to relax and your body will do whatever it needs to do. Good luck!


keziah - October 10

I know how your feeling Nurs2b21, me and my husband have not had s_x in 2 months because it is so painful and the burning during and afterwards is so bad i can't stand it, i'm 32 weeks and my dr told my that it was from all the extra blood and hormones your body is producing that it is actually swollen down there and that is why it burns. good luck to you and all the other ladies.


WP - October 10

Don't worry. We are biologically designed to do this. Hormones are released to relax muscles and ligaments well in advance of the birth. Your body spends 9 months preparing for birth. Did you know even your heart shifts to make room for the baby?!?! Freaky. Anyway, uncomfortable s_x is totally different from what you're about to go through.


amyh - October 11

I would start trying the perineal ma__sage! The last 2 weeks are supposedly the most important, so it might not be too late to start!


DDT - October 11

You won't even think about it during the actual labour but you will hurt like hell afterwards and will be VERY swollen down there. Luckily my ds's head wasn't very big (14in) at birth and he was fairly small at 7lbs 4oz. I also had the epidural which pretty much numbs a lot of the pain. But god! the feeling when your lo finally comes out is just was an amazing feeling....and relief! My df watched the whole pushing stage (2.5 hrs of it!). Face right down there. Even had his hand on my ds's head as it was coming out. The doc asked me if I wanted to feel..."Hell no!"


DDT - October 11

BTW (maybe tmi but) I was more concerned with pooping during pushing than thinking about the baby's head coming out that small but stretched hole. Every time I pushed I would push a little poop out (as my df lovingly says "Hersey Kisses") and I was utterly embarrased the whole time and profusely apologizing the nurse about it. She just told me to shut up and push! haha.


evae777 - October 11

i am pretty small too and was thinking about this. some of my friends say that i should ask for a few extra st_tches down there or i will become loose as a goose!! is that true?? i've heard some women say that natural birth stretches you out which makes s_x less enjoyable to your partner and c-sections can help prevent that. but the sound of getting cut open doesn't sound good either. anyone have kids already that has insight to this? this is my first so i have no idea what to expect!


WP - October 11

evae777 - not true! It's never EXACTLY the same, but that's mostly due to tearing and possible scarring not stretching the muscles. If you are fit going into the pregnancy, and you exercise (kegals) regularly afterwards (and have lots of s_x too!), your muscles will go back to their original tightness - ESPECIALLY if you're young. I was 35 when I had my first and he was 9.4lbs (!), and I had no problems afterwards.


Nurs2b21 - October 11

Thanks ladies for all the posts....I'm sure everything will be okay..I just get to thinking about it sometimes and start to freak out. I just hope I don't start panicking or something when it's time to push. lol DDT....OMG I so forgot about the pooping part!! Thanks for reminding me..haha. I had heard about that before but never gave it much though. YUCK! I will be so embarra__sed. Is there anyway not to poop?? like is there something you can take to poop all the poop out


jennifer_33106 - October 11

I heard that you can request a enima but that is just hear say... GL!!! and psst Im scared too. haha



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