Vaginal Heaviness

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Erin - August 10

Has anyone else experienced a heavy feeling in your va___a? I'm 37 weeks 3days, and I started feeling it yesterday. It feels like it's going to explode.


Jl - August 10

I don' t know if this is the same thing you're feeling, but at times, especially when I exercise I feel a heavy feeling. Like the baby is going to fall out or something. I obviously know that this is not going to happen, but that's the best way I can describe it. It's a pressure that feels like something is going to fall right out - oh, if it was only that easy, right?!?! Is that what yours feels like?


Kristen - August 10

I am 34 weeks and was/am experiencing the same heaviness. My doctor said that it is partially due to this being my third pregnancy and partially due to the way the baby is positioned. He is sitting head down right over my cervix and is putting a lot of pressure on my v____al area as well as my rectal area. He said it is nothing to worry about. But still, it is not comfortable!


Erin - August 10

Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I feel it almost like there is a lot of pressure (pain in the b___t too....not comfy!!) pushing downwards. I don't feel like it's going to fall out....but yes, that would make life easier!! haha Thanks girls!!


kristen - August 10

I someimes can feel the baby punch or push in my "b___t" area. It is the wierdest feeling because I never had it with previous pregnancies.


Cara - August 10

I am so feeling the pressure! I am also 37 wks, 3 days and I am still working and today I am wearing a skirt that is not tight or constrictive or anything, but I am having such pain and it has decided today to be in my upper inner thighs. It feels like they are trying to grow together or something. It hurts SO BAD! I feel like someone has tried to rip my legs apart and I am not comfortable sitting like a "lady". I want to sit with my legs wide open! LOL! But yeah - I feel kind of like it's stretching and...dammit i am being a t_tty baby I know, but it HURTS!


m - August 10

It's the worst when I'm trying to use the bathroom. I have to get up and walk around intermittently because of the pressure and pain. And it's like the baby's pinching shut my bowels, it's almost impossible to go! Sorry if TMI, just hoping I'm not the only one.



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