Valentine Baby

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Julianna - January 24

Anyone due Valentines Day? I'm due that day, I'm hoping the baby will come that day.......That would be sweet!!


mizliz - January 24

No, I'm due March 8th, but my little sister's birthday is Valentines day and my mom says she was due on the 21st of Feb.


Annette - January 24

I am due on the 18th, but I am hoping for a Valentines Baby!


Julianna - January 24

Congratulations Annette!! Let's hope together for a Valentines Baby!! Are you having a boy or girl? I'm having a girl.


Laura - January 24

I'm due the 19th, but my doc says if I haven't had the baby by valentines day she'll induce.


........ - January 24

I personally wouldn't want that, because then you'd have to have a kids b-day party instead of going out with your valentine.


SG - January 24

I'm due tomorrow but my 8 year old cousin who lives with me was born on V-day! Lots of LOVE BABIES :)


Amber - January 24

Im due on V-DAY!


dwc - January 25

I am due Feb 13th, but at the rate that I feel I am going, I will be preggo forever, LOL!!! I was at first hoping for a vday baby, but now, I don't really care when it comes as long as it is sooner than later!!!!


Annette - January 25

Hey, Julianna, I am having a baby boy. dwc, I know how you feel, today I have been feeling particularly bad, achy. heavy, tired... I am this far to go out begging for someone to get this baby out of here.


Amy - January 25

I am due on Valentine's Day also. I am having a boy. I hope I go a little's getting hard to do much:)


Sue - January 26

I'm due on Valentine's Day, This is our first and we're having a girl!


jb - January 26

WEll my due date is 2/15, so it could be. But probably not. I am already 1&1/2 centinmeters dilated and 80% effaced. They are talking about inducing me next week, due to the size of the baby. She is a fatty :o)


shelly - January 26

I'm due on Feb 12th w/ a boy. When I first found out, many months ago, I had hoped for a Valentines baby. Now I'm praying for a january baby, I am sooo miserable right now!!!


Emy - January 26

I am due February 20th and it could be a v-day baby. But there is also a full moon on the 12th. Even though I know a lot of people think there is no weight in a full moon causing labor, I do know that hospital delivery rooms tend to be crowded on the nights of full moon, and I was born 10 days early on a full moon. So, if my daughter is anything like me, she may make her grand entrance that weekend.


lmrod55 - January 26

I am due on Valentines Day - I am hoping to deliver early or late. I would prefer my baby have it's own day to celebrate - and not have to share with such a "couple's" holiday.


JLO - January 28

I am due on V-Day it is our first and we are having a girl. I really hope it comes then, not cause of the day just cause i dont want to go over



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