Vbac After 17 Months

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sant - November 15

has anyone had a vbac after 17 months I had a c section w/ my last son due to his size and my docs had mentioned having a vag birth this time and it was my choice but the stat for rupture is 1% . I know it is going to be hard to be away from my littly one while trying to revocer and care for a new born. I dont know wehat to do but I think a vag birth would be easier I dont know what to do. Also has anyone had a vag birth no epi but used other pain medicene during labor? how did that go? Was it enough?


sahmof3 - November 15

My younger two are 17 months apart, but I had already had 2 c-sections and he was an automatic c-section. But, my niece's kids are 18 months apart. She was trying to have a homebirth with her first, but the baby was coming feet first and got stuck. She had a lot of bleeding and had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency c-secton. She actually did an unmedicated natural homebirth for her 2nd only 18 months later and is planning another in January, which will be only 20 months after baby # 2. It went well for her, but I would never try a VBAC at home! She said the v____al was easier, but considering she was in reaallll bad shape in her labor with the first and then had surgery to top it off, I don't know how it all compares, KWIM? Hopefully someone else will have firsthand experience...


Buffi R. - November 15

I don't have any experience with c-sections or VBAC, but for your question about pain med's during a v____al birth......I had an IV narcotic called Nubain during my first birth, but I wasn't a fan of it. I wanted to have an epi, but I was in pre-term labor (32 weeks) and they wouldn't let me sit on the edge of the bed to have it administered for fear the position would make me dilate more. So they gave me the Nubain so I at least had something. All it did was make me very sleepy. I don't know how bad the contractions would have felt without it, but even with it, they were very difficult. They say this drug is supposed to make you loopy so you don't care about the pain, but that's BS - I cared deeply about some of the pains!! I never got the epi because by the time they decided they couldn't stop the labor and they let me have it, I was dilated too far to get it. I'll shoot for the epi this time again.


Tory1980 - November 15

Never had an epi with any of my labours (three) and don't plan on having one with this baby in a few weeks. I have tried Pethedine with my first and I hated the feeling it gave me. I had the least amount I could and that was enough to make me not take anymore - I felt very queazy and generally out of it but was aware of every pain hitting. No other pain meds until a spinal after an hour of pushing - he was born at 34weeks but he wouldn't rotate so they moved me to theatre and used ventouse. My second I had nothing at all. With my third I was induced and used gas and air (entonox) and it was more than enough to get me through it. I do know that depending on the meds depends on when you can have them - pethedine is good for early labour but if it is given too late in the labour it can cause breathing difficulties in the baby and it would have to have the antidote. This happened to my sisters little one and he was fine once it was administered. You could try for a v____al birth and see how you go. One thing that helped through all my labours was moving around. As soon as I got onto the bed was when the pains hit hard and fast (however I am also usually dialted to 7-8cms when want to lie down) but as long as I could stand or pace or sway backwards and forwards I could control them. Good luck.


missy046 - November 16

My daughter is 2 1/2 and I wanted to try VBAC with this one. She was a c-section for failure to progress. In the begining they said I could try VBAC but some tried to talk me out of it. I finally changed my mind and scheduled a c-section for the end of the month and now they say are you sure that is what you want. My goodness, I wish they would make up their mind. The last straw that changed my mind was reading a story on here about a women that tried VBAC and lost her baby after her uterus ruptured. I thought it was a small % for a rupture but a OB nurse at a local hospital told my babies father that it is very common for uterine rupture with VBAC so that has scared me even more. At this point I just want my little girl to be here so I will take whatever comes my way. Good luck and God Bless!



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