VBAC Stories I M A Vba2c

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momofalmost3 - July 12

I'm due July 17th and am attempting a VBA2C (va___al birth after 2 c sections). I'm thrilled to try it. Usually a Dr. or Midwife (if you can find one) will let you attempt a vbac after 1 section, but I did my research and they cannot MAKE you have a c section. You CAN refuse one. They can also refuse to see you anymore, but not in labor. It's amazing how many rights we have. Did you know that they cannot make you change positions if you want to stay in the position you are in while in labor? Ahem, this means if your hospital lets you use a hot tub for labor until you start to crown and then wants you to get out, you don't have to! You can have a waterbirth. (yep yep! I'm doing it!) Anyway, anyone have any vbac stories they care to share? My boys were both breech but this little girl is engaged and head down and everything is perfect. The chances of uterine rupture only go up about 1% too at most so that's good news.


momofalmost3 - July 13

No one?


Nerdy Girl - July 13

Maybe you should try posting this on the c-section board. That is where all of the hot and heavy VBAC discussion is.....


3babies - July 14

Hi, I just wanted to say good luck! I am going for my third c/s on Tues. There is no way I could try for a vbac even if I wanted to as we are in a small country town, no obs, just general pract_tioners with obstetric training. My first son was delivered here with no probs so I am not worried. I wouldnt do a vbac in my situation anyway, as my last bubs head was on the highest percentile, and I'm not a big girl. They are predicting a big baby this time and the head is still high, so doc suspects I probably wouldnt be able to deliver v____ally anyway. (First c/s was for high bp, 5 weeks prem, cervix not favourable for induction and abnormal placental blood flow). So you have two boys and now having a girl? I have two gorgeous boys, but dont know what this one is. Not at all surprised if I have another boy, but no strong feeings either way. We will just have to wait and see! Anyway, hope all goes well for your vbac, how old are your boys?


momofalmost3 - July 14

Thank you. At least you get to schedule your birth day! I have NO clue when I'm going to go into labor and it's driving me nuts! LOL



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