Vent I Am So Over Pill Popping

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dee23 - June 5

ok so most of us take our multi-v for pregnant women every day, right? thats 2 tablets a day with food. on top of that, ive been instructed to take iron tablets, which is 3 tablets a day, at different times with food. there are ones that u can take once a day, but all those ones around here make you constipated. ok, so ontop of those, i have to take calcium tabs too because im adversing to thats another 2 tablets per day with food....ok so we are up to what....8 tablets a day? who else takes this many tabelts a day????? and it forces me to be home 3 times a day to eat...i cant eat out because then im not hungry later and miss my tablets. i cant carry around the jars with me everywhere...that would be ridiculas. but now... i said to myself all through-out and before pregnancy, that i would take raseberry leaf....for the extra mind comfort that im helping out my body. but that only comes in pill form around here, and its another 2 tabs, three times a thats an extra 6 tabs???? making it a total of 14 tablets i would be taking every single day......OMG. and i mean, its not like it stops when bubs is born, the iron ones i have to continue until a month after, and the calcium and multi-v i have to continue until i stop br___tfeeding....ARGGGGG, anyone else in the same situation? theres gotta be atleast one other person out there..doesnt there?


lindsay - June 6

wow, you do take a lot! i only take 1 prenatal vitamin a day, and i take it before i go to bed because i hate the way my burps taste after i take it, lol! i remember w/ my son taking iron and stool softeners for the extra iron in addition to the vitamins after he was born, but that is all... i'd be going insane if i had to take all that too!! i sure eat a lot of tums though, lol!!!


Traci76 - June 6

Yep, I take a lot too. I take 3 blood pressure pills, twice a day. That's 6. Then, I take a prenatal and iron. That's 8. And I take Tylenol PM every night, so that's 10. Doesn't include the Tylenol I take almost every day. Something I do is put pills that I need to take while away from home in a zip lock baggy and put it in my purse. I know I have to take 3 of my bp pills in the morning, and since I rush out the door, I keep them in my purse to take on the way to work.


3babies - June 6

I'm with you Dee, morning is 2 prenatal, 2 blood pressure, 1 calcium, 1 mini aspirin, lunchtime is 1 blood pressure and bedtime is 2 blood pressure and 1 calcium. It is all stuff that I need to take but I feel ridiculous. We just went away for the weekend and my medicine bag on top of the fridge was the talking point!


3babies - June 6

Oh, and dont get me started on mylanta ... it is my best friend at the moment, but cant be taken within 2 hours of bp medication so I have to stagger that too!


DeeJay - June 6

I understand. I take 3 allergy pills a day. plus 1-2 otc benadryl. plus 2 prenatal, plus one pill for my back, plus in my first trimester I had to take 2 pills of progesterone a day!! My friends call me the pharmacy! I was carrying them all in one pill bottle as I knew what each was, but then i went to a concert and when they searched my purse before going in they tried to take them away because they were not in a marked bottle!!! A emt had to come over to inspect them and recognized the large prenatel horse pills and let me keep what I had!!! So now I have to carry around 4 bottles is my purse!! Oh well, not the worst thing in the world, but I can relate!!!


moucheka - June 6

At each meal - 2x catalyn, 2x organic minerals, 1x magnesium, 1x eveing primrose. At bed, 2x minchex and 2 TBL coral calcium. Also drink Raspberry leaf every day and phosfood after breakfast for nausea (I'm 30 weeks). I've tried going off them but the pregnancy symptoms are too bad. The magnesium especially has worked wondesrs on my restless legs and insomnia so there is no way I'm quiting that! I have a pill box and just sort them into it every morning and carry it around with me.


livdea - June 7

Thats a lot of pills my dear! I'd definitely put your pills in a carrier and throw them in your purse! It's silly to make sure you are at home for your pills!!!! I take 7 prenatals a day along with my iron pills and folic acid and pepcid at night. Gets old but at the same time my hair, nails, energy has never been better! And if I miss them, I CAN definitely energy just plumets! Good luck and don't feel like if you miss some pills that it's the end of the world!


ashley - June 7

heck I can't even remember to take my thyroid medication. Infact I haven't taken it for several weeks or my prenatal, but its a good thing im not dependent on the thyroid med and I eat very well. Because I can't remember to take anything no matter what I do.



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