VENT I M Only 31w1d But I Feel Like I M 40 Weeks Already

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ConnorsMommy - February 25

This is my second pregnancy and it's gone by SO FAST, but I feel SO BIG! With my first son, I felt GREAT my whole pregnancy and he was a week late! This baby is measuring big (the size of a baby at 34 weeks gestation).. but I feel even bigger than that!! I feel so miserable! UGH!.. I guess I'm just venting... there's nothing you.. or I can do about it.. lol.. I really hope I don't go past 37 weeks.. 38 at the latest!


Jadejewels - February 26

Hey I know just how you feel!! I'm going to be 34 weeks sometime this week I think and I feel like I'm carrying around a Walrus!! I too am measuring big. I have to go for a growth scan on March 9th to see exactlty how big this sucker is :0) From the time I hit six months people stare at me with large eyes and say "Any day now Huh?" and I'm just like "umm no!" or I get "please tell me you've more than one in there!?" all of that is really starting to get to me cause it makes me feel even worse cause it's just a constant reminder of how much longer I actually still have to go :(. Kicks, turns, and all other moves that my baby makes are truly starting to become painful to the point that they stop me in my tracks. I'm so bulky and off balance that I fell in the shower the other night and couldn't even get out of bed the next day without help cause I was so sore!! Whew.. Guess I just went off there huh? Sorry, don't mean to sound like a nutcase but I'm so ready for our big day already and April just seems too far away right now ...... ConnorsMommy I can toatlly feel your


ConnorsMommy - February 26

oh no! you fell in the shower?! i'm glad you're okay! i'm so scared of falling!... I have stairs in my house and I have to carry my one year old down them (he can go up, but he can't figure out how to go down correctly).. i'm so scared of slipping and falling down the stairs. anyway, has your siatic (sp?) nerve been killing you?!?! mine has, especially on my right side. It's been so bad sometimes where I couldn't even roll over in bed, let alone, get up! lol


danimarie - February 26

connorsmommy- when are you due? This is my first but I feel like you! I am 31w4d today and last Wednesday was measuring 34cm....I had an ultrasound at 28weeks and the baby was measuring the size of a 30-31 week baby already. So I TOTALLY feel ya! I am soo hoping not to go to my due date or past- but it is my first, so I am sorta preparing myself for it. Just wanted you to know that someone can really sympathize with you. Hope these days FLY BY!


Tammy276 - February 26

I feel ya...I am 36 weeks and so ready to be done. I felt great when I was preggo w/ my son and this time around I am making up for it. I was ready to be done at 30 weeks already!! My due date isn't until March 29th, but I don't think I will make it that far and either does my doctor. I have been having bad contractions and weird sensations on my cervix lately and was already 3 cm and 50% effaced at 34.4 weeks......I know you can walk around dilated for weeks, but I've had a feeling that she would be early...hope I'm right!


ConnorsMommy - February 26

dani- my due date is April 27th.. Tammy- good luck to you! sounds like you're getting close!!


Kristin11 - February 26

I am totally with you girl. I am 33 weeks with my second. i feel huge and i am sooooooo tired. I cant wait for it to be over. If one more person says wow your pregnancy is goign fast i am goign to kill them..............ahhhhhhhhhhh.


ConnorsMommy - February 27

haha, I know Kristin.. everytime I speak with my family they say "I can't believe how far along you are already!".. up until I was about 28weeks I agreed and said "I know!!" but now I'm like "I just want it over with!! Time is going by sooo slow now!" I second your 'ahhhhhhhh!' lol.. everyday I seem more and more uncomfortable!


Kristin11 - February 27

Connersmommy, you know being that this is my second i figured it would be easier. I swear though between working fulltime and taking care of my three year old, urgh i wanna sleep for the next 7 weeks. My daughter doesnt realize how heavy she is getting either. I swear this time my stomach is huge too, i look like i might tip over at anytime. And why on earth do people think it is needed for them to say wow your getting big..........umm.......duh lol didnt need that pointed out. sheesh


HoneyB - February 27

I agree with you gals! I'm 33 1/2 weeks, but I'm getting really ready for the end. My sister in law asked me a month ago if I was hoping that tiem would go by faster, but at that time I was feeling okay. Now I know what she means because I -really- want to fast forward time and be over with this. I feel so heavy and uncomfortable and like a big blob. I can't get any work done at home after work, so my poor hubby is doing most of it. Even when I have good intentions of making dinner he ends up doings most of the work for it including chopping and washing the dishes. Don't know what I'd do without him!


babyonboard16 - February 28

I understand...I was measuring like 31 weeks at 28 weeks and yea...I'm frickin miserable! I can barely stand to walk around anymore, and I'm constantly tired.


SaraH - February 28

ConnorsMommy, I completely understand. I'm due April 5th and am hoping this baby will be early. I'm huge. Everyone since about 30w has asked how much longer I have. When I tell them they always raise their eyebrows and say "I don't think you'll make it that much longer," (it's bad when even your doc at 30w's said "lets measure you cause you're really looking pregnant"). I'm now just short of 35w's and everyone is still saying that. My dh and I were out running errands on Saturday and about 4-5 strangers asked me how far I was and all but one of them said "you think you'll make it another 6weeks? You look soo uncomfortable already." My mothers side of the family has had all their children around 36-37 weeks so I'm really hoping that will mean I'll have this one early too. I'm of the mind set now that as soon as baby is able to come and be completely healthy, I'm ready for it. My luck though it will decide that it likes it in there and want to stay put until 41weeks. : )



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