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missy046 - November 18

Does anyone else feel big fat and gross. Because I am 38 weeks and I don't even want to go out in public. All I want is to deliver this little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are going to be 45 people at Thankagiving dinner and I just dread it. No one understands. I think all those with children have forgotten the what it is like to be pregnant. And my boyfriend seems to have no clue. I am just so irritated. Am I alone in this one?? Because I just can't wait much longer!!


emfine99 - November 18

Nope... not alone! I'm 39w, due on Friday.... hope I have her before Thanksgiving because I feel likea cow! People KNOW I'm close to having the baby because I'm so huge! Even strangers approach me! The worst part is that I'm swollen and retaining water so I just look even fatter. Let's pray we go before tHnksgiving! LOL I'm miserable!


jessne - November 18

I'll be 38 weeks tommorrow and feel so gross. I don't even have the energy to make my self look nice. None of my clothes fit and my flip flops are the most comfortable, effortless pair of shoes to put on. I have a 15 month old son that steals whatever energy I do have!!!! So I basicly look like c___p everyday, besides the day I go to the doctor. I make more of an effort not to look like c___p:) It's all worth it in the end.


redmondsky - November 18

I keep getting those "looks of horror" when I am out in public. With our first pregnancy I carried all over - with this one I am all belly and it's MASSIVE. It's like people stare at me - almost worrying I am going to sit beside them at their restaurant and give birth right in front of them. If I get one more " oh - you look like you are going to deliver tomorrow" comments I am gonna's enough waddling around and peeing myself everytime I sneeze........ha ha ha ha


mrssolo - November 19

I'm here with you except I'm having twins. ppl stop me all the time to ask if I'm about to give birth. NO...I'm not unfortunately. Then they ask how many babies are in there, lol. what if I was only having one? I told my family I was not coming to Thanksgiving and If they wanted to be nice they could send some leftovers. LOL took care of that problem.



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