Very Active Fetus At 33 Weeks

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BH - June 26

Does anyone else have an extremely active fetus. I swear he is playing his own football game in there. He rolls and kicks ALOT- new thing is sticking an elbow out of my left side. I am 5'10 and was skinny before pregnancy weight. Just wondering if that is normal for being so far along..


playitagainsam - June 26

Yeah, mine is that way (I'm 38w3d). My daughter was active until birth as well. I am 6' tall, curvy but not heavy. My daughter was 10lbs at birth, this one is looking like a juicy one, too... I'd say "normal" is relative, and it's certainly more rea__suring to have an over-active baby than an underactive one!


Erin - June 26

I am also 5' 10 and was on the thin side before I was pregnant. I have gained 39 pounds so far. I too have a very active baby at 38 weeks pregnant. I sometimes think his elbow or hand is going to come sticking out of my stomach. It sometimes hurts because he is running out of room in there. I too think it is more rea__suring to have an active baby. I just hope he calms down after he is born.


Leahp - June 27

Oh! that's what scares me, is that this could be a active baby outside the womb!!! My little girl is very active, I wonder if she ever has time to grow since they say that when they sleep they grow the most, but she is always having a boxing match in there!!!


Shelly - June 27

I'm also 33 weeks now with a very active boy.He kicks so hard that sometimes i have a red spot on my belly where he has been kicking.My O/B has a blast with him,3weeks ago we did a U/S and he kept kicking against that deal that they "scan"you with(I have no idea how its called). Last week I had 1 day that he didn't move much,and that kind of worried me,I'm so used to feel him.I do think once he is born he will be one of those little boys that you have to keep running after.........


playitagainsam - June 27

Oh, no. My daughter was VERY active in the womb, and a total slug once I had her (at least for the first couple months). I think she just didn't like being "bunched up". :)


Bh - June 27

I hope he mellows out a bit. I am extremely avtice and constantly on the move. You have to tie me down to watch a movie.. My hubby always says "that is definitely your kid" Thanks ladies - hope all your pregnancies are going well!!


monica - June 27

I am 35 weeks and my baby rolls and kicks into my ribs a lot. I am short too... he seems to be a big baby. I had an ultra sound at 33 weeks and the tech. estimated almost 6 lbs...


shelly - July 8

yes, I was thinking the same thing. I am 37 weeks and my baby is very very active. I look up everything on the internet and that is bad!! it sometimes gives us too much info. I found some dumb things like neurological problems. I know its nothing


Chris - July 9

had same problem with ultrasound -- very active baby. 4th pregnancy and i've never had a baby kick so hard. Everytime the tech would get ready to take picture and say something like "there's her belly" she'd say "and there's .... her arm" LOL It was like the baby was saying GET OUTTA HERE I'M NAKEE lol --- always moving and trying to cover herself -- crazy kid never sits still


macaylas mom - March 10

they always say that the more active your baby is the better. Not the case. My baby was really active. When I was 36 weeks she was very active one night and it started to hurt bc she was moving so much. She had a cord accident. We got to the hospital too late. IF your baby is moving a lot and you think something might be wrong go to the er. Its not worth waiting it out. It is the worst thing in the world to have to burry your child.



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