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Very Concerned - January 11

hi i am in my 40th week, well i had a doctors appointment today, and 2 weeks ago i had that group strep B test and today they told me it was positive, i really didnt know what it was and the nurse just told me that during delivery i was going to be given an injection. Should i be worried, i mean what is this and how will it affect my baby. I am scared for my baby and dont want anything to happen to her.


StarMarie - January 11

As long as they know you have it youll be fine,they will give you either pen or another antibo. while in labor.And as for as what it can do to the baby dont worry about cause as long as they caught it b4 hand baby will be fine :) if you was to worry about that right now it might make labor a bit more tough...good luck


belgian - January 12

Group B Strep is a bacteria that some women carry and contract thru air, touch; or sometimes s_x. During their pregnancy, its especially important to get tested because the baby can not ge tin contact with it. There are complications that can occur with the baby after hes a week or a few months after hes either case; the bacteria lives in the rectum or v____a...once your water breaks or memebranes rupture, its best to have a quicker labour..that way the bacteria doesnt have a chance to come in contact with your baby. Although antibiotics are used, there is still a risk sometimes, but rarley. You shouldnt worry anyway as long as you tell this to the hospital staff once you get there. I care to share this info with people because it amazes me how Doctors or nurses always take things so lightly and never fully take the time to explain!!! Thank god for the internet i say! Look up some info on Group B Strep. You will find tons! Good luck! And No worries...all will be fine :-)


Katharine - January 13

I had this and received antibiotics. Unfirtunately, I was allergic to those, but that is a different story:) With my second pregnancy, they have told me they will go ahead a treat for it since automatically, since I had it last time-although this time with a different antibiotic:)



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