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Jenn2 - June 9

What Causes Labor To Begin? It is believed that when the baby's adrenal gland is mature, it releases cortisone, which causes the placenta to convert estrogen to progesterone. Progesterone production then initiates the production of prostiglandins, which cause the uterus to contract. What all this boils down to is that labor will not begin until the baby is mature and ready to be born. The only exceptions to this are 1. if the environment in the womb is more dangerous for the baby than coming out too early, or 2. if the baby chooses to come early in order to be born during a time when the moon, stars and planets are exerting sufficient magnetic pull so as to effect the inborn personality traits of the baby, for the purpose of fulfilling the baby's lifeplan or chart. There are many more dangers associated with prematurity (birth before 38 weeks) than postmaturity (birth after 42 weeks). It is better for the baby to be in too long than not long enough. If everything is functioning properly, and the baby's adrenal gland begins to secrete the hormone which will bring about eventual contractions, there is one thing that can prevent these contractions from occurring - the mother's emotional condition. It can be prevented by a feeling of anxiety produced by any of the following situations: Enjoying pregnancy so much you don't want it to end. You subconsciously want to hang onto that baby. Feeling that you don't have everything ready for the birth, such as having his room arranged, baby clothes washed and ready, birth supplies purchased, babysitting for other children, meals prepared in advance, etc. You may hold onto the baby until you have made preparation you feel satisfied with. Fear of what the childbirth experience will be like. Dissatisfaction with caregiver, birth place, marital situation, or any aspect of your environment. Fear of motherhood. You may not feel you will be able to make good mothering decisions. Too much activity around the house. You feel stressed and worn out. Anything which causes excessive anxiety. On a spiritual note, before babies' souls incarnate into their bodies during pregnancy, they decide what their purpose in life will be and what challenges they will face in order to assist in the perfection of their souls. This is called making a chart. This involves their personality and intellectual make-up. In order to make sure they they are born with the necessary personality characteristics to carry out their planned earthly existence, babies will often hold up being born until they can be born into the correct astrological sign. So even if your due date shows that a baby should be born on a particular day, it is written into that child's chart that they are to be born at a certain time with certain characteristics, and since unborn babies are still very much connected spiritually with the other side, they will know when they are supposed to be born, and will manipulate the circ_mstances so that they are born when it's right for them. A very good reason why induced labor is such a crime against a human being. If we force a child to be born at a time which is wrong for the carrying out of his life's mission, we can cause that child to feel out of place all his life, and create in him personal characteristics that will make him at odds with what he intuitively knows he is to do.... in other words, we can create a neurotic/psychotic human being. The best thing to do is get emotional issues cleared up, and get everything ready for the birth so you can feel a sense of satisfaction about being ready. Spend some time on deep relaxation and breathing. Listen to soothing music, and let your baby know you are ready. Do some squatting to bring the baby down into the pelvis, and some gentle lovemaking. Semen contains prostiglandins which help soften the cervix, and nipple stimulation often induces contractions. Also, semen taken orally is extremely effective at getting labor going. Suggest to yourself and to the baby that you are ready for him/her to come. Then just sit back and relax, and allow the baby the freedom and autonomy to come when he or she knows it is right. Trust your baby, and your body.



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