Very Maddening Experience

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Tye - May 5

I just need to vent. I was at Walmart last night and had my whole family with me-my three kids and husband. My husband pushes two of the triplets and I had the other one in those special carts that have a place for toddlers to sit. Then a 1-2 year old crawls in to the one with my two little girls and kneels down right between them which was kind of cute but then the child sneezes once and I gave my husband a dirty look and thought well O.K. whatever-its done now. Then the child sneezes once or twice more and then starts coughing. I was so mad at that stupid father for letting his sick child get in a cart with mine!!! I am even madder AT MYSELF THAT i DIDN'T YELL AT THE DAD RIGHT THEN AND THERE! I just stood there looking discusted at the whole thing and got mad about it after the kid and dad left. So now here I am trying to nest and feel like these funky germs are contaminateing my house.-even though I got the kids immediately in the tub lysoled their shoes and cleaned their clothes when we got home. I'm sure I am overeacting because I am bringing home a helpless newborn soon-but mostly I am upset this happened and didn't say anything to thaT STUPID DAD and just let the kid stay in there until the dad took him out. Sorry to ramble-I'm just so irritated!


Ba8y6irl - May 5

wow you have triplets AND one on the way!!! All the power to ya momma!!! Thats too bad about the snotty kid, some people are just too ignorant and irresponsible!! Like really do you let your child sneeze on other children?? I guess thats the ignorance of a man! lol just kidding I'm not a man hater...


Brittany - May 5

OMG you sound JUST LIKE ME, the germ part!! I would feel the same exact way as you. I am amazed tho that a dad would let his kid get in the cart with yours?!?! Thats sooo weird! I think you did the right thing by putting your kids in the tub and whatnot. I've learned the more you tell people not to do things (like touch your children etc.) the easier it just say no or don't touch. You will never see them again so it's ok to get mad! I have a son and one on the way and I don't know what it is about people thinking they can touch children, most people want to touch my son on the face!! EWWWWWW. Just say no more and it'll get easier. I'm sorry you had to go through that! I'd feel the same freakin way!


Tye - May 5

Thanks Brittany. I wish I had told that father off! I feel soo bad that I just stood there like an idiot. The worst part is that now no matter what I do here at home- I feel like those creepy germs are still here. Just when I think everything is clean-I think back to that frickin kid coughing and neezing directly all over my kids which makes me feel dirty all over again! I feel like the whole thing is causing me to go crazy. I wonder-will I ever feel things are clean enough now? It has gotten me soo depressed-and I was so upbeat about how much I was getting done this week in prep for babes. Now all I see is contamination. I think I must be crazy!


miraclebaby - May 5

Thats rude op him to do, I hate when people bring thier kids over to the house sick and tell me oh its just a runny nose, stay home we don't need it either. lol , lol sometimes people dont think thats all I agree with you , especially with three kids


ash2 - May 8

i know lots of people like that ! they will say that there kid is fine and not contagious just so you will watch them, or let them go to school..... if your child is sick , then say so !!



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