Very Strange Question

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ry - February 27

ok, i warned u this is weird. at night when i am laying down i get a really like heavy feeling in my neck and chest and breathing is very bumpy/choppy. it kinda is like a throbbing sensation-really hard to explain but it is so freaky when it happens. I think maybe because of the extra blood volume? Does this happen to anyone else?


Shawna - February 27

I wake up sometimes feeling that way, especially if I had rolled onto my back during sleep by accident. Sometimes my husband wakes me up because my breathing sounds troubled (but this is usually just during naps, because he is a heavy sleeper at night). I understand the throbbing sensation... when I get that, it matches my heartbeat and it is as if I feel it everywhere. I usually sit up, drink some water, and change to lie on my side again, the way I MEANT to be laying the whole time. I don't intentionally sleep on my back, but sometimes it happens when I have no control over it (sleeping), and I almost always wake up from it with hard breathing and that pulsing feeling. I know that can't be good for the baby, so I move around and breathe deeply until it stops. Does this sound like what you describe?


Kristine000 - February 27

I think I have experienced the same thing and wondered what the heck it was. I get bad mid-back pain while at work from sitting for long periods, so I lay on the floor to relieve the pain. After a few minutes, my chest, neck, and face feel heavy as if gravity is really pulling down on me. It makes it very difficult to breathe. I've concluded that it's caused by the baby pushing up on my lungs (I'm 36 weeks) and possibly restricting blood flow to those areas. I have no idea what else it could be, unless it's the baby pressing on the inferior vena cava when I'm on my back and causing bad blood flow. I have no problem at night when I sleep on my back, probably because the bed is softer. If you're on your back when this happens, maybe try propping yourself up w/extra pillows if you aren't already?


ry - February 27

hi guys, thanks for your input. yeah, it does feel like a heavy pulsating feeling but i always lay on my side and it still happens. i will ask my doctor on wed and post what she says about it. it happens almost every night but i am not overly concerned. it is just a really weird feeling!


jessielouwho - February 27

Hi ladies, you should not be lying on your backs. Type "vena cava" in the search engine at the top of this page and it will pull up articles explaining why you are feeling this way. Hope this is helpful.


sparkles - February 27

It could be heart palpitations, which are normal during pregnancy. When your pregnant, your heart is working 50% harder to get good blood flow throughout your body. I've gotten this before, but it only lasts for maybe 30 seconds or so.



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