Vicodin While Pregnant

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Marie - April 15

My doctor precribed vicodin for my headaches he said the baby might be addicted a little but I wonder if there are any other side affects


LS - April 16

vicodin is in the FDA cla__s that states only take while pregnant if the benfits to the mother out weight the harm to the fetus. I don't know how bad your headaches are but I personally wouldnt risk my baby being addicted at birth or something else happening. My doctor gave me meds for a yeast infection that by the FDA are not suggested for pregnant women something I didnt know until after the fact, wish my doctor would have told me before hand.


Corrina - April 17

I also have migraines that induce seizures if not controlled. I had to see a specialist in high risk pregnancies to see what drugs were safe and what to take. They prescribed vicodin and stadal (a form or morphine used in labor for the pain) both are not harmful to the fetus after it is fully formed, and the only way it can be addicted is if you take it on a very regular basis. They study done on rats and rabbits was 6 times the dose prescribed to an adult pregnant female. Your baby will not be born addicted if you use it as prescribed and only for your headaches. They told me no more than two times per week when absolutely necessary poses no threat.


k - April 18

my doctor gave me Vicodin for migraines too. He says the same as Corrina, baby will not be addicted unless you use on a reg basis. Sometimes I have a headache for 3 days, usually take 2 or 3 a day, then go weeks without needing any. Then another headache comes and I take one or two. I always try the tylenol first, but if it is bad enough and that did not work. I will take a vicodin. I just suggest dont take regularly, and try not to take a few weeks before labor, then it is out of your system.


Jill - April 19

My doctor prescribed midrin for migraines and said it is safe in pregnancy without any side effects but I cant seem to find a whole lot of info on it but you might want to ask your doctor about it also I think they work better than vicodin


niki - April 26

my doctor prescribed me with vicodin for migraines. i have them anywhere from 2-8 days. i just started the vicodin but sometimes it doesnt work and i am taking 500mg i try not to take it but my headaches are very severe


Melanie - June 4

Gosh, there is so many different opinions about this. But, Why do so many doctors prescribe Vicodin to pregnant women??? I have been taking Vicodin for severe back pain.


Annonymous - June 5

I try to warn anyone from taking vidocin for anything other than in an emergency room. I started taking it for chronic back pain and I became addicted. Now I'm pregnant and scared out of my mind that I won't be strong enough to fend off my cravings. It helps when I feel my baby kick cause it's a reminder of him/her giving me strength. I take extra strengh tylenol if the back pain is too much, but only at night to help me sleep.


Lexi - June 9

I too take vicodin for headaches and was worried, I take about 2-3 per day ive been taking that dose for like 2 mos. I have stopped taking it because im now in my 3rd trimester and im worried. i just take tylenol now.


Michelle - June 9

Ladies I was extremely worried when my doctor gave me medication for a UTI, I am in my 33rd week. Well I did some online searching and found this website: All you do is go here, and look for the medication you are taking. You have to know the medical term for the medication, which you can find on any medication box or bottle, even your prescriptions. (example: Tylenol would be ACETAMINOPHEN) So you would look up acetaminophen. It them gives you a catagory rating from A-D. I never took anything past a B rating. If you notice most doctors wont prescribe past this rating. Some thing I notice that vicodin (Hydrocodone) is a C;D rating for all those taking it. Well anyhow, I just thought some of you may be interested to know this web site, save it your favorites, I did! For the saftey of my little one.


c - June 9

Go to and check out what they have to say about Vicodin.


kairn bertana - June 29

I might be pregnant, I had my tubes tied 7 yrs ago, but I havent had my period this month,I have been taking vicodin and if I am would that hurt thebaby?



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