Visitors At The Hospital

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al - January 18

hi all! I am concerned about the number of people telling me that they are going to come to the hospital to see the baby. I have a big family and a lot of close friends. The problem is the hospital only allows 2 visitors in the room at at time. I don't want people to drive all the way to the hospital to find out that they can't come in or have to wait a long time. Will the hospital let me know that someone is waiting to see us?


Tasha - January 18

I live in Canada and we are only allowed the father of the baby, siblings of the baby and the grandparents to visit. And only at certain times. I would tell people you had the baby but ask that they visit you at home, if you have it natural you'll be home in a day, a bit longer with a c-section. I know here ospitals get crowded with people and thats why they have a limit, plus if you have a shared room its not fair to that other person, that may only get a few precious hours to sleep. Just some of my thoughts.good luck.


al - January 18

i know but all my friends and family are so excited about this baby. i feel bad telling them not to come. i'm hoping that i give birth on a weekday so people have work!


jb - January 18

I would just tell the people that are close family members of the birth of the baby. You can make the phone calls to friends and extended family announcing the babys arrival (or have dh make them) the day you are suppose to be discharged. I don't think people would feel hurt or anything. They know you will have gone through an exciting and busy time and that is why you are calling a few days later. Just be sure to mention to the close family members not to start a chain of phone calls 2 seconds after the birth!!!


Girl Gilly - January 19

I would check with your hospital and see how they handle it. I am also from Canada and when my friend had her baby there were three of us that came and visited during visiting hours. We didn't stay long of course. My friend has said now that she liked having people visit her in the hospital and then having it quiet for the first week or two when she got home. She said it was such a big adjustment when she got home that she couldn't imagine having people over. I think it depends on the person.


mel - January 19

I have to say, I think I enjoyed people coming by the hospitol as opposed to by the house as well. in the hospitol I was kind of bored and it's not like you can really rest there anyway, so I looked forward to the company. once you get home is when you can really rest and start bonding with your child.


rl - January 19

I just had my baby a week ago and I did not get tons of visitors but I enjoyed the ones I got I was a bit bored at times and it was great to have a family member saying how great our baby is!!! anyways just ask when you get to the hospital and have dh let everyone know if they should wait til you get home I was out in about 24hrs so...good luck


K - January 19

I'd tell people to call first because of the hospital rules nothing you can do about that. And try to let people know others are coming and they cant hang all day.


sarahlorrain - January 19

I loved having visitors, because I was bored also. However, there is so much sickness going around right now, that we are not going to allow visitors in the hospital at all, and probably not for at least the first couple of weeks. I'll tell people, hey I have a huge window in my front door, come over and you look at him through the gla__s. My kids have been sick with 4-5 different times in the last 6 weeks, and I finally have them better, so we aren't even going anywhere either, for that matter.


28 wks - January 20

Hospital policies say that but once u are in post pardum they dont really pay attention.I usually have 5-6 people visiting at a time.And im sure all your visitors wont show up at the same time.


Kendra - January 20

Sarahlorrain, I'm glad you said that, because I have told everyone the same thing, because there are two nasty, horrible, put you in the hospital bugs going around my city right now - my husband and I have both been sick for almost two weeks now, and everyone else we know is sick too. However, everyone keeps telling me we're being too sensitive, and -the line I really hate - that it's because I'm a first time mom, and being over the top...and oh I'll get over that - I hate that!! The baby's not going to grow up in a day! If anything, she'll be a little less 'pruny' and red looking!! It drives me crazy that so many people think they are ent_tled to see and hold my baby right away!


sarahlorrain - January 20

You don't worry about it! This is YOUR child, NOT theirs! I'm so a___l about germs right now....tomorrow I have to go shopping at Wal-Mart, and I'm going to bring Lysol and spray the cart, and I'm even putting my potty-trained 4-year old in a diaper so that we dont' have to use the public potty. I'll probably be practically running through the store to get in and out as quickly as I can, and one of the first things I'm going to get is some Purell. There is nothing wrong or selfish with protecting your baby from germs. I'm really paranoid about my kids getting sick, because obviously it would be hard to keep them away from the baby once he comes!!



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