Wait For Natural Labor Or Be Induced

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ladybug - June 21

I've heard that being induced is worse then actually going into labor yourself has anyone else heard this? I'm due this sunday and I just have the feeling I'll have to be induced and I'm pretty nervous. I heard being induced makes the contractions worse and may take even longer.


livdea - June 21

yes...being induced makes the contractions much more painfull. Even if you are due Sunday that doesn't really make you over due. I'd let the little one hang out a bit longer...as long as you have no risk then don't rush it! Good luck! and you never know...Sunday is still several days away!


Nora1 - June 21

I am in the same situation. My dr. offered to induce me but my due date is not until the 29th. I turned it down - I'd like him to come out when he's ready! I think it is just more natural and healthier to let things happen the way they are supposed to. Unless of course medically necessay, that is...


Nita_ - June 21

i'm due monday, and if my baby doesnt come out 10 days after, i'll be scheduled for an induction. I would also really like the baby to come out naturally...we still have a few days ladybug, let's hope our babies come quickly!!


Laurabb4 - June 21

I went naturally with the first 2. I was induced with my 3rd. The pain was no more intense. The length of labor was not longer. I guess it all depends on how your body handles it. Good luck I hope your deliveries go smooth.


charliepaulchloe - June 22

hi all hope u dont mind me b___ting in but i like to see how ppl are getting on : ) I am now 23 wks preg with my second (another girl might i add! ) I was induced with my first 7 years ago at 39 wks as she had stopped growing at about 7 1/2 months. They inserted the gel at 10am and took me to labour ward at approx 2pm she was born at 8.48pm was made up cause actual labour was only 6 1/2 hrs. I was worrying about the induction but things were fine although I was in bad labour position babys back was to my back which is said to be one of the worst positions to be in she came out facing up, other than bad pain in the back my labour was fine I was able to sleep between contractions and they werent majorly strong I think I only had to push twice and she was here a healthy 6lb 2oz, was terrified when they told me they were starting me off on Friday 13th though LOL. As I said I am now 23wks with this one and its actually doing somersaults as Im writing this, I have a low lying anterior placenta at the moment but hopefully it will move cause I am terrified of the thought of a c section. Hope all ur births go without too much pain although its worth it as soon as u hold ur baby. Good luck to you all. xxx


Erynn21 - June 22

You heard right I just watched a program that stated that they are much more intense if you are induced, I personally don't want to, many doctors try to do it for convenience sake(mostly theirs). My doc luckily takes a more natural approach to the birth experience and doesn't want to just make things convenient for her. I will do it if I'm super late, otherwise I'm just waiting it out.


krc - June 22

in my opinion, the ONLY reason a woman should be induced is if their is a life threatening crisis for mother and/or baby. Otherwise, to induce labor for the sake of convenience is messing with mother nature. I figure a growing baby is like putting together a detailed puzzle. And when that puzzle is complete...baby comes out. If you hurry that process you may leave a piece out, and no matter how big or small that piece is, the picture isn't complete. ( me and my a___logies, LOL ). Women have been giving birth for how many years now???? They didn' have due dates to go by back then, they just let baby come when baby was ready. Dont induce......thats my opinion.



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