Walking Causing Pressure

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Tanyav - October 11

Whenever I walk for a short period of time I feel a lot of pressure real low and it gets uncomfortable to walk. I think this is sort of odd since they always say to keep walking it's good for you. Is anyone experiencing this?


kah - October 11

Yes! It feels almost like a Braxton Hicks contraction for me. I get them a lot while walking, but also I have been getting them a lot after I have been sitting then get up. Its a huge pressure in the lower abdoman. Every so often while sitting there, I dont feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I get up, it feels like I have been holding it for hours and that I might not make it there in time. Then when I go, its like a little trickle... driving me nuts!


Tanyav - October 11

Thanks kah, so do you know if this is normal. How far along are you?


Jennifer - October 11

Kah, I have the exact same thing happening, with the Braxton Hicks and the peeing thing. I guess it is normal. That's so weird, I read your post and thought, I could have written that.


Jennifer - October 14

Wow I have the same thing. It is not everyday but I have the trickle thing going on a lot. I am having a lot of pressure today though! It made me nervous.


Steph - October 15

I actually asked my doctor about this because I was experiencing the same thing. He said that it is alot of pressure from the baby, also the ligaments in your lower abdomen are getting so stretched from the whole pregnancy that they get sore very easily and can hurt at any moment. Good luck!


kah - October 15

Wow, I am glad that I am not alone in this! TanyaV- I am 29 weeks on monday. You? I feel as big as a house right now, cant imagine getting bigger!! Steph- Did you doc say anything about how we can relieve the uncomfortableness of this by chance? : ) Good luck to you all!!


Shannon - October 15

i have the same thing when i walk and when i stand up! interesting Steph, i'm glad u asked. i keep reminding myself that i only have 8 more days of this, unless the baby decides to come before the dd :-)


Tanyav - October 16

Hi Kah, I'm 31 wks. The pressure lets up sometimes but some of the time it could be pretty bad. I love how doctors chalk everything up to "streching". They answer your question before you even finish lol.


kah - October 16

TanyaV - I go to the doc tomorrow, I am going to ask him about this and see if he gives me any kind of answer besides the ole "stretching" one!! I will post here tomorrow and let everyone know.. lol


mom to be - October 16

Tanyav - i am almost 31 weeks and i to feel the same thing and when i walk feels like my bones are goin to break in half with the pressure.....and like Kah i am goin through the same thing with having the need to pee and well trickle trickle lol after a long period of sitting...well i to have a drs appt tomorrow and will probably ask the same questions as u did, take care !!!


kah - October 17

ok, talked to my doc about this today. He said most likely when I sit, its the baby using my bladder like a little pillow, so I dont really notice it until I stand. He said the pressure I feel after being on my feet for a while is most likely a Braxton Hicks contraction. Said there is nothing to worry about and its just a part of mommyhood that some women experience! So good luck to you all! ~To - Mom to be - Be sure to let us know what your doc said so we can compare notes!!



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