Wanna Know When Dr Start The Internal Checkup

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help - November 10

hi, i am 36week and my dr, just told me that everything is okay.I wanna know that when the dr, start internal check up.I have read some forum where woman are saying that the dr, told them that there cervicx is 1cm or something dialted...plz help me


kris10 - November 10

well, my doctor started checking at 35 weeks, now I see him every week for a check. If you are concerned, you shoud just bring this up to your doctor. GL.


pbj - November 10

I had my first internal check last weeks at 37 weeks. At 36 weeks I had a concern so they checked me then, but that was upon my request.


Kayla - November 10

My doctor checked me at 35wks for the first time, and said the next time should be around 39/40wks... which is a bit frustrating b/c you want to know if you're progressing, so I can totally relate to you.


Steph - November 10

I think each doctor is different - you should just ask your doctor when he/she typically does internals. I have had a couple already due to extreme pressure in my pelvic area (I am 38 weeks) My next appointment is today after work so we will see if he does one or not. Good Luck.


help - November 11

thanks!! is it true that when they do internal checkup first time u feel pain which really sharp and u can also having some brown discharge and u have more chance that u can go in labor in 2-3days after that........


S.Mclain - November 11

Now my doctor did not like to do internal exams unless totally neccesary.He said the less he is up there ,the less germs.Made sense to me.Just my two cents..hehe


kris10 - November 11

No internal checks don't hurt a bit.


pbj - November 11

I disagree, my internal checks do hurt. I do believe it is different for everyone, I have friends who say both. I am very sensitive as well.


j - November 11

I'm 34 weeks and have been checked since 25 'cause I was high risk. I was actually had a pelvic exam on Tuesdays and an u/s & pelvic exam on Fridays. Now they are only once a week. I was 50% effaced at 25 weeks and funneling and 1 cm dilated at 32 weeks. I never had any pain w/the exams...just kind of uncomfortable. Never had bleeding afterwards either. It's really no different from a pap smear...but without the quacker things (as my husband calls them) and the stuff the swab with. At a pelvic they just use their fingers.


pbj - November 11

It's not the pelvic that hurts, it's when the doctor checks to see if you're dilated and begins pressing on your stomach...so d__n uncomfortable!


dani - November 13

I was checked starting at week 36 till the end. I would have just a__sumed I not be checked. I think the trend is starting, if everything is going fine in your pregancy you really don't need to be checked often. I was at 3cm at 36 wk and then 4 cm at weeks 38 and 39. I was so anxious by the end I kept thinking it meant labor was close but it didn't mean a darn thing. If dilation doesn't predict when you will go into labor I kept wondering why they do the internal checks in the first place?


Lesley - November 13

My 1st internal was at 41 weeks. That was a membrane sweep. I had 3 membrane sweeps in all. I had loads of internals between 41 weeks and 42 +1.



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