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whatisgoingon - November 27

I am currently 36wks with my first child, a son. It feels like I have been pregnant for so long and as strange as it sounds I can't imagine 'not' being pregnant. I know that birth is the final result but I can't seem to get my head around the whole thing.. It almost doesn't 'feel' quite real, I know there is a little being inside my belly but I can't picture a little baby - my son. For all you first time mum's that have given birth, was it completely mind blowing and surreal to have that final chapter (birth) occur and to be holding your little son or daughter in your arms? I just cant grasp the whole thing and it's getting so close to being time, I am extremely excited and really want to meet him asap, but it's so surreal! lol - I dont know how to feel at the moment, it's all so much to try take in. xo


LIN - November 27

Yes, definitely surreal. My little boy was born 5 weeks ago, 5 weeks early (due date was yesterday). It was very strange being in the hospital knowing that I wouldn't see my home again without my baby in it. The whole labor and delivery part wasn't quite as foreign-feeling as I expected (except that last-minute c-section, which was a whirlwind!). I know I turned to my husband many times in the first couple weeks to say something like "I can't believe they let us take him home!" It doesn't really seem like that little bundle of happiness actually came from my body, and it's very odd to suddenly be 100% responsible for another life. Who gave me the permission to take care of this little guy? I hope I don't screw him up too badly! :-) As for the feeling of not being pregnant, it didn't really seem strange to me. As soon as there was no baby inside me it was more surprising to me that there had been one in there - especially after seeing him in person. I mean, I could see how he'd fit, but it's just incomprehensible that that little thing inside me kicking and punching and rolling around was this little baby! He's great. It's amazing how little newborn babies just make you ooze love. *sigh*


javidsgirl - November 27

the whole labour process what more then i expected but it was the best moment in my life to see this perfect little baby that been in my tummy for all those months. when you see thier first smile and hear thier first belly laugh it is like god gave you a little piece of heaven I agree 1000% it is absolutely amazing how little newborn babies just make you ooze love.


javidsgirl - November 27

oh i forgot to mention my dd is 15 weeks old


tryin44 - November 27

Well, I just had my fourth 6weeks ago today. The feeling is the same for each one. I have sat in the hospital bed with each on e and thought WOW, This little baby has been inside me growing. It id su beautiful the whole thing. I am now done having kids and it is so sad for me to think I will never have that experience again. Only the momories that fade. My memories are not neaqrly as good as the moment. You ladies who are still going to have more kids just remember to take it all; in each time. They grow sooooo fast.


Krissy25 - November 27

In a lot of ways i miss being pregnant. It was for the most part a very positive experience. I miss feeling my baby kick inside of me. SOmetimes i get a little muscle twich and for a moment i think it's her. Overall though having your baby in your arms is so much better than in your belly. The day of my daughters birth was by far the best day of my life and finally being able to meet her is just something words can't describe.


Nurs2b21 - November 27

I know how you are feeling...I am due this coming Sunday Dec. 2 and I can't believe it! This is my first child and I am so excited but nervous at the same time. It's so amazing to think that there is this little human being inside of me growing. Although I feel him kicking and moving I don't think I'll actually believe it until he's in my arms. It's just too much for me to really comprehend. God is amazing!


DDT - November 28

It was amazing. I had my first child - a boy 9.5 months ago. The moment they put my baby in my arms it was a feeling I can't even describe. I had so many feelings and thoughs running through my head, and all I could manage was to stroke his little face, cry and whisper his name. I told him how much we loved him and how long we had waited for him. It felt strange that this little baby had come out of me...was a part of myself and df. I was completely focused on him the whole time pa__sing the placenta and being st_tched up. I don't even think I can recall much of the conversation the doc was having with me after. I was just in awe of him. You're definetly on some kind of high (and the epi that I got probably added to that feeling..lol). My pregnancy was amazing and completely trouble-free. I hope my next is equally wonderful. I started missing being pregnant a few weeks after the delivery. I miss feeling his kicks and jabs inside of me. I miss the weight of him. I hope you have a good labour, and that the first moment you have with your son will be just amazing. Good luck!


star_eyes - November 28

Whatsgoinon, I feel exactly the same as you. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and at this point I can't imagine what it's going to be like to have a real baby in my arms and not in my belly! Even after all of the ultrasounds that I've had (including a 3D one) I still find it hard to believe that there is a baby inside of me. I thought I was the only one who has a hard time comprehending this!


margie - November 28

i am having a hard time because i am sooo anxious to hold her and feel that high that everyone talks about, but then i also feel like im going to be sad because right now she is just mine in there and all of her little movements are like secret moments we share and i feel so close to her, its going to be so different sharing her with the world, but i cant be selfish, i need to share her with everyone so she can bring happiness to others :-) i know just how you feel though, i am not sure how im going to feel until after she is in my arms


jessieb - November 28

funny that you said surreal, because that is all I could say! On the way to the hospital (both times!), during labor, all of it. I kept saying 'this is so surreal'. I had watched a million episodes of bringing home baby or baby story and it blew my mind that it was our turn. That I was at 5 cm, that I was feeling the urge to push, that I was pushing!, that she was on my belly. Just like in all the shows! It was surreal... it still is. I look at her and can't wrap my head around that she was IN me! She is so big, I can't imagine where she went. She was 8lb 10oz at birth : ) good luck!


Buffi R. - November 28

My first was born early at 32 weeks and very suddenly with no warnings up to that day that I would have him that soon, so the first couple days after he was born were quite a blur. I never got to the point in the pregnancy of feeling the anticipation of the birth, then all of a sudden I was a mom. He was in the NICU so I couldn't be with him 24/7, so it was a different situation than normal. We didn't have a name picked out for him until he was two days old. We had to name him before I got discharged from the hospital or the notary public lady who worked there was going to file the birth certificate as "Baby Boy" with our last name. So we were rushed to name him and when we finally did, that's when the "surreal" part hit me. When we wrote his name on the hospital form, I turned to my husband and said, "Wow, we just created another human being." That's when it finally felt real.


Faye84 - November 29

I loved being in labor. and I loved seeing my daughter for the first time. Its a feeling that you cant even describe.


alirenee86 - December 2

I don't think you'll be able to picture it whatsoever until it happens and I can't describe it any other way than surreal. 100% surreal. I remember looking at him right after he came out b__wn away that he just actually came out, is beautiful and is mine. Stay as relaxed, happy and excited as you can go with the flow of the labor. It's beautiful and exciting...oh, and it hurts :)


VenusdiMilo - December 2

Whatisgoingon - The answer to your questions is Yes...it was a mind b__wing and surreal feeling to hold my daughter for the first time. I had so many emotions going on at that moment. I too had my baby girl 5 weeks early (11/20 - due date was 12/24) Being that she came early I couldn't take her home with me. I checked myself out the day before Thanksgiving and it was heartbreaking to leave her. Every time I would go to the hospital to feed her I would leave so empty inside. The day when we finally got to take her home (4 days later) I had the same feeling as Jessieb. I couldn't believe it was my turn to take my bundle of joy home. It was so surreal but sweet at the same time. I look at her each day now and I'm so in love with her. She is such a blessing and I'm happy she came early. As for not being pregnant, I can't say I miss it. I enjoyed being pregnant but that was one phase and now I'm on to the next...being a mom and I must say it's a wonderful feeling. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and lots of blessing to you and your family.



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