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goldfish - March 7

I always prefer washing my new clothes before wearing them for myself and want to do the same for my LO . Do you guys plan to do so? if yes what kinda dertergent is good enough for the new borns clothes?. what brands and what fabric softners?.


cher_don - March 7

hi goldfish, ive just washed all the newborn things im taking to hospital but my washers broke so i hand washed them in DREFT and then used a little bit of LENOR softener, if i had been able to machine wash them my midwife told me to try FAIRY. hope this helps :=)xx


ROBYN - March 7

Hey goldfish - we washed EVERYTHING all the bed linens, washclothes, clothes etc. The detergent we use is called ALL clear. I was told not to use any fabric softners dont know if they could be allergic to anything so we wash the babies clothes seperate from ours. Hes 2 weeks old now and showing no reaction to the detergant


Astra - March 7

I used DREFT too for the baby's clothes and my clothes too going to the hospital. I washed baby blankets and sheets with the same detergent.


fefer1 - March 7

I used regular old tide and had no problems at all. Some babies have allergy issues but I think that most do fine with regular detergent. I do wash everything I get before hand as well.


sarah21 - March 7

I use Dreft also. It smells so good and baby-ish.


wv_red - March 7

I know they have ALL baby which is a little less expensive then DREFT but still has that baby-ish smell and is hypo allergenic.


xvkx - March 8

It's actually a good idea to wash everything before you use it on your LO, so you're on the right track. :) From what I've read, just about any detergent and liquid fabric softener should be ok as long as you do an extra rinse. Keep in mind though that fabric softener should not be used on certain materials (the bottle will list what these materials are on the back, I remember one of them is fleece) because it may make them more flammable, and should also not be used on any flame retardant material as it can reduce its effectiveness. You can also use any "free" detergent/softener (dye and perfume free). Keep in mind if you have any skin allergies your LO very well may have them also, so steer clear of detergents/softeners that you personally can't handle. Personally, I have really bad soap/detergent allergies myself, so I'm not too worried about using what I normally use with our LO, although I do throw in the extra rinse. I figure if it doesn't give me issues it more than likely won't give him any, and if it does, it won't be any problem to switch him then.



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