Washing Babies Clothes

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dee23 - May 18

im going to use the same washing powder we use as its for sensitive skin, but i just wanted to know if anyone knows if its ok to use a fabric softner on clothes, towels, blankets, burb rags, sheets ect.? we have fluffies softner. i would really like to use it to soften the materiel for babies sensitive skin.....but will it be doing more damage? i dont think there is a babies fabric sotner around here....cheers :)


Amanda R - May 18

You can always try it and see if it is going to cause any irritation. You will know just pretty quick if you are going to have to do without the softner. I also decided to try using our regular detergent before going crazy washing everything in Dreft or another 'baby friendly' detergent/softner. I'm really not sure if there is a softner available that is ok'ed for babies. Maybe someone else will know. We have incredibly hard water where we live so a fabric softner is pretty important. GL.


mishy - May 18

I use a eucalyptus wool wash liquid for baby clothes.. no need to use fabric softener with wool wash I found. There are expensive brands but I just used the generic version and never had any probs.


Danielle19 - May 18

i Know DOWNY has a sensitive skin softner with no dyes and perfumes and ALL has baby softner sheets that are the same price as the other stuff


mama2be - May 18

I'm not sure, but I think I've read before you're not supposed to use softner b/c it tampers with the flame resistancy of baby's clothing. Most children's clothes are "flame-resistant," but fabric softner may reduce this resistancy.


steff2 - May 18

If you read the side of fabric softner sheet boxes, it says not to use on flame resistant fabrics. So since most babie's clothes are flame resistant it is probably not a good idea to use them. The same goes for liquid, but you might want to try the detergents with the fabric softner in them. The bottle should tell you if they are ok for flame resistant fabrics.


dee23 - May 18

aww, thx ladies...i wouldnt have thoguht of that.


ash2 - May 18

i used ALL baby detergent . it is alot cheaper and smells great. i used dreft with my first one and spent a fortune. but after about 4 months, i started washing his clothes in the same tide detergent as ours.....as for fabric softner, i never used it. and he did just fine


Nora1 - May 19

I used ALL Baby detergent, but then I used fabric softener sheets! OOPS! I never thought that they would tamper with the flame-resistance of baby's clothes!? Do you think it's ok??


Ba8y6irl - May 19

I just use Tide Free... its for sensitive skin, no dyes or perfumes... but I did use Fabric softner on them... I hope it doesnt tamper with anything... I wont use it again :)


mom2b72 - May 22

Glad I read this post!! I too never thought fabric softener would do that??? I just got lucky and found baby oxiclean for 3.50/container. Price said normal was 6 or 7, so I bought 4 of them!! I figure by the time that is used up, I will just use my regular All-Free stuff. Of course, who know what will happen months down the road!!


erenimi - May 22

I was my baby's clothes in with me and dh's, and we haven't changed the routine at all. She is 2 months on Wednesday and we have had no problems.


lindsay - May 22

i use "baby all" for the first few months, no softener or dryer sheets, but down the road i will just wash the sam eas rest of the family


Nita_ - May 24

never knew about fabric softner sheets vs flame resistant thing until now! Yikes! I did buy Dreft and was planning on using that on all baby stuff, but now am going to look for that 'ALL' softner. thanks ladies!


MamaKW10 - May 24

I just used what I use on mine & dh's clothes. I use Gain Joyful Expressions & downy simple pleasures (the lavender kind) fabric softner....I think I only used fabric softner on 2 loads of baby stuff. Do you think all of the clothes and things I washed will be alright? I was going to use Dreft or any other baby detergent but I didn't think it would really matter but now I am worried.



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