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Jeanan - January 17

i am currently almost 35 weeks....I was just wondering if now would be a good time to start washing baby clothes or is it too early...I am a first time mom and have no idea...I was going to start this week but thought I would ask to make sure so I wouldn't have to do double work...thanks =)


Well - January 17

I debated this too. I wanted to wash his clothes from the minute I got them. I think as long as you have a dresser to put them in you can wash them when you like. If they will be hanging or in an open space they may get dusty this early. I am almost 38 weeks and I washed my Newborn clothes and 0/3 months clothes only. It was so fun!


lmrod55 - January 17

I say, yes go ahead and wash them.


Ginny - January 17

I washed mine at about 36 weeks, and I'm glad I did, because my energy is so up and down. And since they're washed, I can just open the closet or dresser and ogle them! It's an instant cheer up. Who can keep from smiling when looking at those tiny clothes?


Mendi - January 17

I washed mine last weekend. I am now 36 weeks. It was amazing how much you can fit in a washer when their clothes are that small! I also only washed 0/3 months and put the rest in totes. I washed all blankets, wash cloths, towels and crib sheets as well. I agree that putting them in the dressers is a good idea so they dont get dusty, I even put a sheet over the crib bedding so it doesnt get dusty. Just a heads up, I almost bought Dreft but it was $8.99, I found that ALL makes a baby detergent for half the cost of Dreft and it smells great.


Angela - January 17

I started washing mine around 35-36 weeks. Might as well get it done!


Also - January 17

the target brand of Dreft smells great too and half the price!


Jeanan - January 17

ok...thanks ladies for all the feedback...guess I will start washing tomorrow being that is my day off from work...take care


Jbear - January 18

If the clothes are all new, just wash one or two things, and leave the rest in packages or with tags on. If you have a 10lb baby, you may not even need those newborn clothes, and if they've got their tags you can exchange them for a size you will use.


Ginny - January 18

I have tried the ALL, too, and it does smell great. I didn't even know Target had a baby detergent, Thanks, Also!


sye - January 19

my first daughter broke out in a rash when i used dreft...baby all worked the best for my daughter and i love the way it smells too....


Amy - January 19

Do you ladies use fabric softener? I wonder if I should?


Beth - January 19

To amy-I don't think you are supposed to use fabric softner because it takes the fire retardent off the baby clothes. Sorry i don't usually do my laundry...is fabric softner the dryer sheets?


Annette - January 19

I used Downy free! Apparently it is OK.,


Angela in California - January 19

I use Seventh Generation of Ecover which is very mild and good for baby's clothes. Re: the fire retardant issue, there is no fire retardant in 100% cotton clothing, so if you have all cotton clothing, you don't need to worry about washing out the fire retardant.


Ashley N - January 20

Oh, great! I need to wash my baby clothes??


Ginny - January 20

You know, my mom was really surprised when she found out I had washed my baby clothes - she said that if they're new, then the first go round is free! But I told her that I couldn't help but think about everyone who touches baby clothes in the store, after sneezing or who knows what. I just felt better knowing they were clean.



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