Washing Baby S Clothes

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sarah - November 2

i was just wondering if its necessary to wash ALL of baby's clothes before he wears them? and also, what about his crib bedding and blankets? and what type of detergent and cycle do you recommend? wouldnt appliques and such fall apart in the wash? or comforters bunch up? thanks!


Jodie - November 2

I would wash anything that was going to come into contact with your baby. Their skin is extremely delicate and you never know what kind of chemicals the fabric has been treated with during manufacture and shipping. I use soap flakes on a delicate cycle, i am having my third child and havent had a problem with anything falling apart, if youre worried about something delicate, hand wash it


Christy - November 2

I washed all of his clothes, bedding and towels in Dreft (that is what someone bought me and I am not loving the scent of it) on delicate cycle. I divided the stuff by temperature because some labels suggested warm and others suggested cold. I just got the crib bedding and probably won't wash the comforter since you're not supposed to use it when they are little anyway.


KAD - November 2

make sure u use non-bio washing powder and u really should wash everything including blankets and towels good luck


sarah - November 2

thanks ladies for the advices. i'll have to get a move on and start washing then.


D - November 2

We were told to wash everything because of the chemicals that are in the clothes to "preserve" them so to speak while on the store shelves. I use a "free and clear" detergent. Do a double rinse cycle. Then "free and clear" fabric softner sheets.


Christy - November 2

I got the comfoter set today (via UPS since I got it online.) I am wondering if I should wash it, the bumper, and the dust ruffle. It was packaged in plastic, and I don't really think baby will make contact with it, but still, I am not sure. What do you guys think?


cr - November 3

Christy, I always have with my older kids. I always think of where the fabric was to begin with, who handled it or what ran across it! Maybe I'm just paranoid. Anyways, just my opinion. Happy washing everyone!


Lesley - November 3

I wash all our clothes in Fairy non-bio and use sensitive lenor fabric softner.


Dani - November 3

How long Before baby came did everyone start washing? I was thinking wait till my baby shower to see what i have. My thing is though, i think i have TOO many clothes, they still have tags cuz i was thinking i could go back and exchange for larger sizes that i didnt get. SO i dont want to was ALL of it, so should i do a lil at a time? Im talking, i have like 25-30 sleepers size 0-3 months... brand new, i know i will not use them all, so why take the tag off and wash when i can return them and get larger...Also there is a detergant brand "ALL" - for babies :)



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