Washing Of Baby Clothes Etc

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Nita_ - June 5

I had recently read a thread over here (few days/weeks back) that talked about washing baby clothes but can't seem to find it now. I had already bought DREFT for washing and read on the thread not to use fabric softner sheets caz they are not supposed to be used on baby clothes esp ones that are said to be flame resistant. And sure enough every single fabric softner i looked up had that. I thought maybe the liquid softners don't have that but everyone I looked at said something. Plus I did not want to get any heavy perfumed(lavendar etc) ones since babies skin could be sensitive. So I finally decided to just wash them in dreft and then just dry them plain. Have you ladies also done the same? or are there softners out there that I didn't come across that could be used on baby clothes. Another question is, DREFT bottle had on it's back, wash baby clothes, bedding, car seat covers..i hadn't thought of car seat cover until I read this. Did you do that too? What else needs washing? I thought i'd be done with 1 load of wash, but i already have gone through 2 (because of the bulky bumper!!) and still have one more (at least!) to go through. Right now I separated cold wash and warm wash clothes, but i think once baby is born, everything is going to go into same wash(probably warm!). Who's going to have time to sort then!! And some of the blankets and all are kinda wrinkly, i can iron them now, but who's going to do them after baby is born!! I thought laundry was going to be a breeze but that's turning out to be a big chore!!


Steph - June 5

With my first I only washed her clothes and her bedding. I never washed the car seat cover (until it got spit up on it) and never washed the stroller cover until it got dirty from use. I plan on doing the same thing with this one...you'll be able to tell within the first few weeks whether or not your baby has sensitive skin or not. I also wash his clothes in Dreft and dry them w/out a dryer sheet not because of the flame resisent issue, but because of the perfume. Even if the blankets are a bit wrinkly now, don't worry about ironing them...that's a big waste of time...enjoy being alone since your little one is almost here! ;o)



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