Water Breaking And Other Labor Signs Please HELP

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keera - July 5

Hello, Ladies I was wondering if anyone can help me understand what exactly water breaking will feel like. I am at 37 weeks right now and I think my water broke but it was not a gush of water, I did not seea puddle near my feet, it was not trickling down my legs. But since I am at work I just went to the restroom at I kind of just had agush of water come out and now Im leaking just a little bit... I keep leaking. I have also started to feel cramps in my abdomen they start from my back and end up in my abdomen. the pain is not too bad but its sharp pains I keep feeling every 4-8 minutes??? Please tell me what anyone of you know about this feeling or about water breaking?


Tanna - July 5

Sounds a lot like your water broke. Especially if you had a gush in the restroom, and now you keep leaking.


Laurabb4 - July 5

Sounds like it has broke. The gush and then the continuing trickle. Good Luck!


ThePezChick - July 5

If you are continuing to have leaking I'd say your water definitely broke. It doesn't have to be a gush of fluid from what I learned in childbirth cla__s. If the leaking has continued for over 15 minutes the nurse told us to call our doctor to let him know. At that point it would be your choice to go ahead and get to the hospital or to wait a little while until your contractions got closer together. Being a first time mother who's own mother had a very short labor I plan to head to the hospital. Good luck!!!!


keera - July 5

Thank you tanna, Laurabb4, and ThePezChick. I appreciate your insight and advice. I did call my OB and they reccommend I go into L&D to get checked to see if my water did indded break and if so how dilated I am? Thanks for your help again ladies!


Mingill - July 5

Sounds like your water broke. You don't always feel a major gush with a puddle. But if you felt a the gush in the washroom and now it's trickling, it's a good bet. Go to your hospital and get checked, they can tell you for sure.


Mingill - July 5

Oops, I see you have already been sent to the hospital by your OB, good luck.



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