Water Broke Could It Take Days Need Help

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Hannah777 - April 20

Ladies, I thought my water broke two days ago, when a modest stream of clear liquid ran down my leg. Went to the hospital and was sent home. I am pass my due date as of ystd. Anyhow, they said my membrane was not ruptured. But I am still leaking fluid - it's looks totally like water - clear and dries w/o a trace. Wouldn't va___al discharge have more of a substance?? I am not sure what to do. Any ideas??


mom2b2x - April 20

I am 37 weeks and went to the dr tuesday with the same problem and explained to him that it did not have color and looked just like water and dired in no time he too told me that my membranes had not ruptured and that it was probrably just urine leaking ... but i only leak occasionally it is not really steady but if yours is steady i would out on a pad and if within an hour it is soakin wet i would call the dr and say i think my water broke and take the pad to them so that they can test it to see if it is your amniotic fluid... also does it have a smell i know that sounds bad but amniotic fluid usually has what is only described as a sweet smell.... let me kow what happens... good luck


Tye - April 20

I now a lady who was sent home with the same thing ( a little fluid running down her leg)-was told nothing has ruptured and then the next day went in anyway and they found no fluid in the sac! You judge! If you think something is wrong-go in again!


Nerdy Girl - April 20

They can check if your water bag has broken. I could have sworn that in my Lamaze cla__s they said that you would have your baby within 24 hours of water breaking. They would induce if needed or do a C. Does anyone else remember this info?


tlew - April 20

Yeah NG I herd the same thing from my lamaze coach. When your water breaks they want you to deliver within 24 hrs b/c anything after that can cause infection. Just like Tye said you think something is wrong go back to the hospital. let us now what happens


Renee-Marie - April 20

The baby needs that fluid. If it's gone, that could cause infection. I would call your doctor. Good luck Hannah777


MooBaby - April 20

Hi Hannah, I agree with all these ladies... if it was a decent stream of clear liquid, then you want to make sure your amniotic fliud isn't too low. In my cla__s they told me too that if your water breaks, they want that baby out in 24 hours. Sometime you may get a leak in your sack, that slowly drips amnoitic fluid, that's not as serious and in some cases, the leak even closes up over time. But because you are over due, and the amound of the fluid was considerable, it sounds like it may be more than a leak. Insist on seeing your Dr. or go back in for more tests. They say that when your water does break there is an initial rush of water, but then the baby's head can act like a stopper and keeps the rest of the water in... slowly leaking therafter. Who knows! Good luck, I am excited for you and your baby!


Heather W - April 20

Iam 34weeks and 2days...Ihad the same thing at 31weeksd 2days...when I went..the litmus paper on my pad..said positive..for am. fluid..then 3 consecutive tests after that said no to am fluid..and they did an u/s that claimed I still had a good amount of fluid...At 33weeks 2 days..I had another u/s bcz I said I was still leaking sometimes...and It said I had 9cm of fluid left...you should have between 12 and 25cm...BUT they don't worry until 5cm are left...but funny thing my dr. ordered another u/s for next week...so I think he IS actually concewrned... TYE...did you deliver a dry birth...was anything wrongwith baby...are you still pregnant?Sorry just wondering. I think that women just KNOW when something is going on...go with your instinct Hannah777.


sphinxminx - April 20

I agrees with other ladies go back ask them to double check it's better to be safe then sorry when a little one is involved.


Tye - April 20

Heather w -Actually in my post I wasn't talking about me but yes I did deliver a dry birth but it was a very premature triplet so the situation was very different. No there was nothing wrong with her but when my water broke I knew it and went directly to the hospital and was monitered very closely. The lady I was talking about was more like this one- full-term, little leakage, and told everything was fine. She didn't believe them -went back on her own and found out there was no fluid and she needed to deliver. And yes I'm still pregnant. Why do you ask all this? Just curious.


Hannah777 - April 20

Hi, ladies, thanks for your posts. Went to the doc this morning after leaking more. Was there for almost 3 hours they did a major work up on me. Said my water did not break. All if fine. Did an ultrasound. Said it may be just discharge.. Anyway. Another question - while on the monitor, I had a couple of contractions, one was 5 minutes long... I was very uncomfortable but didn't realize how long it lasted. The doc was pretty surprised. Said to watch out for those. It's not good for the baby. Has anyone else experienced that?


Heather W - April 21

TYE.. the reason why I ask...sorry to be snoopy...is that my amniotic fluid level is low, and I don't think that I've leaked anymore since my u/s a week ago.. but my MIL said that she had a dry birth and that it was extremely painful...as my level is low..I worry...this is my 4th baby...so you'd think that I would know what was up but this pg has been a little complicated the last 4 weeks


Trinity102203 - April 21

I don't know about you guys but when my water broke with my first pregnancy ( am on my second at 33 weeks), there was no question in the world on what it was. It gushed and kept on gushing. I soaked my pants, the car, the wheelchair on the way up to the hospital room, the floor, the elevator----they had to infuse fluids in me the whole time I was in labor to keep the "well" not dry. I would rather my water not break so I couild have labored at home longer.



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