Waterproof Mattress Pad

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rk - February 2

I was thinking about getting a water proof mattress pad for my bed just incase my water breaks in the middle of the night. There's a regular mattress pad on there now. Is anyone else using one?


Sue - February 2

I'd rather save my money. The chances of it breaking in bed are as good as anywhere else. If you need a new mattress pad anyhow, then sure. If not, save your money.


Lisastar9 - February 2

why not buy a hospital soaker pad instead and then use it for baby if he/she sometimes sleeps in your bed it can be used when kids are sick too lie down on so you don't have to change the whole bed.


shelly - February 2

I would save your money too, especially considering only 15% of womens water breaks


kr - February 2

Hi, I used the the waterproof matt from the baby crib. It is very thin, washable and I know I will use it againa and again. If you sleep in the nude I think a crib pad would ease your mind.


hc - February 2

i am borrowing a huge pad from a friend, just to be on the safe side. don't want to ruin our mattress. i am also going to keep a towel and plastic bag in the car for the same reason.


Kel - February 3

In our birthing cla__s they suggest to use a waterproof crib mattress pad, that way you can use it again with the baby and save money. I'm not sure if I will be putting anything - I would mind getting a new mattress, ha ha


sye - February 3

i plan to get a waterproof matress cover...i just got a new bed and i don't like the idea of paying $2,000 just go i can ruin it...


tasha - February 3

Do not get a waterproof matress pad!!! I bought one last year to "save my matress" as Sye put but I couldnt sleep. Since its water proof it doesnt let ANY thing escape, including heat! I woke up every night in a sweat because your body heat stays right there under you, it feels like you water broke every night!! I returned mine after a week and got a normal one that lets heat escape but also protects the matress, trust me dont do it!!


sye - February 3

i use the waterproof cover until after the pregnancy and then i'll take it off.


Chris - February 3

Only 15% of women's water breaks. Most have there water broke by a nurse during labor.


lmrod55 - February 3

We have a waterproof mattress pad on my side of the bed...we had it, so I wanted to put it on there just in case!


Drew - February 3

With my daughter the doctor had to break my water, but...with my luck, it'll probably happen in bed or something cause we just got a new one. So I'll be opting for the waterproof pad!


redhead mary - February 5

Hey ladies.. dont forget if your b___stfeeding your b___sts will leak all over your bed ALL the time... Im definetly getting a waterproof sheet with this pregnancy!!!!!!



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