Waters Breaking

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angelmonkey - January 16

ok so im 36 weeks tomorrow and about 2 nights ago i had really bad pains and BH, i mean i was nearly in tears god knows how im going to cope with labour lol...........well i was up until about 5am from the pain and at about 3am i went to the loo but, this may sound a little odd lol.............when i peed it didn't feel like it came out my pee hole lol, it felt more like there was a tap in va___a that got turned on full blast for about 6seconds or so.............ever since my belly feels a lot harder and her movments feel so much stronger.........do you think my waters broke and that my hard belly and her movments are related to my waters breaking................the reason i ask now is that i wasnt concerned at first i thought it was a little odd but thought if my waters broke i would have contractions by now.............. i spoke to someone today who said when there waters broke she never had contractions and had to be induced...............was it my waters or did i really need to pee lol.....oh and i went for a pee about half hour before and usually my bladder isnt that full afetr half hour


snappy - January 16

Hi angelmonkey, When I had my daughter I was in labour meaning having contractions when my water broke. It felt like I had to go pee but than the water came gushing out without me straining - actually I was standing in the tub when it happened and was trying to get out to go pee. After that I had to use a pad because intermittently I would have more water come out. My doctor told me that you do produce more amniotic fluid even after your water breaks but once you have a break you are prone to infection In your case I would wear a pad to see if there is any water leaking out - if you find your pad is moist you can take it to the emergency and they can test to see if it is amniotic fluid. It actually smells kind of sweet and not like urine. If you think you are leaking is best to go to the hospital because you don't want to end up with an infection. Good luck.


mommybri - January 16

I would definitely call the doctor. It sounds to me like your water broke. When my water broke, my contractions started within a few hours. I went to the hospital once they were stronger and closer, but they stopped after a few hours of being there. I know the nurses did not want to let me wait too long, since my water had already broken, but I was bent on waiting for labor to progress on its own. After the big gush, I never had any more leaking, so I wouldn't necessarily wait for that. If you lost a lot of water, and it wasn't pee, you need to make sure your baby is safe!


breezieb - January 16

Call your midwife angel! I read that you have 24 hours after your water breaks before infection and distress on baby. It is better safe than sorry!! If iit was nothing than u can just go back home and at least u have peace of mind and u will know u took a right step to ensure heidi's saftey!!! let us know what happens!!


angelmonkey - January 17

thanks girls, my mum is coming over in a bit so i will ring the hospital and get her to take me. snappy i wear pantyliners 24/7 anyway but can never tell as i leak urine too...........i did however have a wet patch above the pants by my bum last night but apart from that i dont think i,ve leaked. mommybri im not sure if i was peeing or waters breaking lol i mean i went for a pee half hour b4 and when i went again it didnt feel like it came out my pee hole but i pushed to pee and i thought after that felt funny and lasted a while and ever since i,ve been worrying about it so we,l see i,ll keep you updated


angelmonkey - January 17

so i went to labour and delivery and everything looks fine............she hooked me up to a machine to monitor baby for about half hour, she said i had to stay lying down as if i was leaking there would be a poole of water..........well when she checked after about an hour of me lying down there wasnt a poole but she did say there was alot of white discharge so she swabbed me for thrush, she said my cervix was long but soft and she also found a trace of pritine in my urine but said it could be from the discharge but i have a midwife appoinment on tuesday so if they find protine again they will look in to it. she thinks the baby is laying against my spine which can make a more difficult labour so hopefully she,l move. she said i have ALOT of water which can soemtimes mean problems with the baby but i told her my last scan was at 33 weeks and i have another next week so she wasn,t to worried as they would most liley pick up a problem but its still a bit worrying but apart from that everything is fine


angelmonkey - January 17

im now bleeding not lots but more than spotting so im back to the hospital as im refus negative and need a anti D


snappy - January 18

Angel, Are you OK? I hope all is well with you!


angelmonkey - January 18

yea im fine i went and had my blood taken and have to back in to today for my anti D, i had more bleeding and had to ring up again but he said they wont really do anything until the morning anyway probally just monitior me for a bit so i stayed home, the bleidng has just about stopped now...............i wasn;t even leaking my waters lol but im glad i went in anyway even though its caused more problems lol



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