Ways Of Naturally Inducing

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Corrine321 - June 9

Is there anymore ways of naturaly inducing? Ive tried pretty much everything! I dont want to get induced at all.. which my doctor is going to do when I'm 40 weeks... im already 38 weeks and 4 days, and the doctor said if she dont come by next week they will set up a date for me to be induced! So any suggestions? Thanks!


Steph - June 9

You don't have to let your doctor induce you. It's your choice....so if she gets pushy, put your foot down. If there's no medical reason necessary for her to induce you then stick to your guns!! :o)


Been There - June 9

I agree with Steph. Instead of frustrating yourself trying to figure out how to get this baby here before 40 weeks, tell your doctor "NO." It's your body, your child, your choice. Your doctor does not have the right to force you to be induced. The only way you should consent is if there are clear medical reasons why it is a must.


mommie2b - June 9

now my doctor would not induce me at 40 weeks and your doc wants to induce you before 40 weeks?


Corrine321 - June 9

The doctor said that he wants me to be induced if she dont come by next wendesday because im young and he wants me to have a v____aly birth.. not a c-section! Im already 3.5 - 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced! I would just like my baby girl to get here...So is there anyways?


Corrine321 - June 9

and i wont be induced tell i get to my due date.. June 19th!


Been There - June 9

Even if you're late, it's quite an a__sumption for the doctor to make that you still won't deliver v____ally. If anything, he's increasing the odds that you will end up with a c-section. Induction when the body isn't ready to cooperate usually ends with a c-section. Your doctor's thought process is a little skewed.


Deb - June 9

OK - from what I was told at prenatal cla__s - have lots of s_x. Semen contains prostaglandins which helps to induce labor and if you have an orgasm, you will release oxytocin which will help to start uterine contractions. I do find it odd that your doctor wants to induce you at 40 weeks, where I live, most doctors won't induce you until you are at least 41 weeks if not more. Good luck!


mommie2be - June 9

Doctor's are on their schedules and try to make you fit it... Remember- You're paying them!! As for Other natural ways... I don't know what you've already tried.... but s_x is always helpful (it softens the cervix). Also, lots of walking (more than usual- especially up and down stairs). I keep reading about castor oil on this website, but I don't have any insight or knowledge of its' effects. GOOD LUCK!!!


Corrine321 - June 9

Well thats what my doctor said and they like to induce on your due date or a week ahead... no later then a week though... Thats what I got told! So maybe he will do it at 41 weeks, were talking more about it and setting a date next Wendesday... So I will keep you posted! but anyways, can I know some ways to naturally induce labor?


starr - June 9

Corrine321,it sounds like we're in the same boat.My due date is June 17 and my dr already had my induction paperwork filled and out and ready to schedule my induction on my due date w/o even discussing it with me beforehand.I was just being nosey going through my file and came across paperwork with all of this medication listed and asked the girl what it was for.I don't think that's right b/c it's like they're forcing the baby to come out even though she's not ready.I am terrified.So I told them that I did not want to be induced and they just looked at me like I was crazy.I guess that's the norm nowadays(at least in that office) even though me and baby are perfectly healthy.So they scheduled it for June 19.The only things dr suggested were s_x and walking, so here I am like you,worrying,hoping an praying that baby will come before the induction.If not, I think I will probably tell them to give me a few more days as long as baby is still healthy.Sorry if this is a repeat to some of u cause I've talked about this before but things are still the same.Good Luck,Corrine321.


livdea - June 9

this may sound funny but a girl I was talking to was ready to have her baby so her husband took her on a very bumpy car ride for 45 minutes up and down this road...she went into labor that day. I think she was like you...effaced and dialated so she just needed a little help! Also, lots of s_x, spicey food, at home enamas...ew I know, walks, squats, jumping jacks? No, I don't know about jumping jacks...but I bet they'd work! Good Luck!


ashley - June 9

corrine-if you really feel strongly about not getting induced by the doctor tell him its against your patient right for him not to let you make an informed decision. I see no reason what so ever for them to force and induction. If they schedule it and you do NOT want to be induced tell him you will not be showing up or concenting to it. I have read certain teas. Try nipple stimulation. Thats what they do at the hospitals when they are trying to do contraction stress tests. They have you do nipple stimulation until you get a contraction. Try with your hands or with a breat pump. Try the enema thing. Try the bumpy car ride, walking up stairs, s_x and more s_x, make sure you achieve orgasm. spicy foods. Do a search on the internet for natural remedies.... My sister took castor oil. and then mineral oil. She took 1oz of each. At seperate times. She had her son the next day. good luck


Corrine321 - June 9

Ashley- Well if they do schedule me for one I will go, because I am very anxious to meet my little one! and I tried nipple stimulation, walking, and some teas.. Nothing yet! So im hoping something will work im going to try jumping jacks and squats next! lol! Does any one else have any ideas?


Jenn2 - June 10

I just read this the other day...so this is not based on personal experience. I read that s_x can soften the cervix b/c of the prostaglandins, but when taken orally seman can actually start contractions b/c of the same thing (prostaglandins). Might be worth a shot if you are desperate to get things going.


Been There - June 10

Jenn2, that second way would definitely be the ultimate in desperation. LOL! Corrine, get started on that raspberry tea and nipple stimulation.


kelley32 - June 10

For my last pregnancy at my 38 week appt. I was extremely swollen everywhere and very uncomfortable so my doc swept my membranes (which was painless) and then told me to go home and have s_x with lots of nipple stimulation ... I went into labor the next day and had my daughter that evening. Good luck to you!!



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