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foxxy mommy - October 4

so when your in the first stage of labor, the baby is supposed to slow or stop moving, right? i am 35wk6d and on 10/2 i was dilated to a 1 1/2. we want the baby to come!!! but today she's been moving alot. does that mean im not dilating as fast as we'd like, or does movement have anything to do with it?


Tink - October 4

really you can walk around dilated even up to like 4cm for up to a month or more with nothing happening. i am 1cm today at 35 weeks. i don't expect him to come soon, but it will be great if he is ready and does. the baby might stop moving as much in these last few weeks because they run out of room. i don't think movement has anything to do with your dilation or effacement really. but i could be wrong. my baby is really active the last 2 weeks, even though he is head down and in great position, although they haven't told me a station or if he is engaged yet. they can be head down and in position and still be moving their arms, legs or even turning/swirling some. hang in there.


foxxy mommy - October 4

thanks. they told me that im 50% effaced. with my first child(this is my second) i was dilated to a 1 in the beginning of jan. two weeks later was at a 3 and then a week later was at a 5 and had her. but the first time i went to the hospital and was at a 1 they gave me drugs to stop contractions. with this pregnancy however ive already been on drugs. they put me on progesterone shots at 30wks and stopped at 34 wks. its been less than 2 wks since the shots stopped and im already having contractions and dilated!! im just so excited and want her to come! especially since my hubby works two hours away, right now hes not going to work for fear of not being here when it happens.


chickiepoo9 - October 4

i am 38.5 weeks i have been dialated 2 cm for two weeks now so that really is no indication of when you are going into labour my sister was 5 cm for like a month with her last kid. And generally baby's movement slows down the last month but babys movement has nothing to do with dialation or really an indication that labour will begin i no it's hard to wait i am going crazy but at 36 weeks baby isnt ready quite yet, good luck.


BriannasMummy - October 5

My sister was 3 -4 cm dialated and 50% effaced at 32 weeks.. she didnt have her dd until 42 weeks.. shes just one example of many women walking around dialated, with nothing really going on. Good luck to you and your family. ~Kristin~


Stephanie_31 - October 5

My daughter was moving all over the place, even during delivery. I was dilated 2 cm for 1.5 months and she stayed in there until 8 days past her due date. Even after I went into labour she took forever to come out!



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