Weekly Progesterone To Prevent Preterm Labor

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cayingo - October 12

My DD was born at 36 weeks w/ no problems at all. I am now 18w3d pg w/ a baby boy, and my perinatologist has recommended I take weekly hydroxy progesterone shots to prevent another preterm birth. Apparently boys' lungs develop slower than girls' which could mean a stay in NICU for my baby. I'm no stranger to progesterone shots since this baby was conceived by IVF. I am just curious of anyone else's experiences w/ this type of preventative therapy. Any info is appreciated.


January - October 12

11yrs ago, my son was born at 35wks 3ds and didn't require a stay in the NICU, infact he came home from the hosp with me when I was discharged and he's never had any health problems whatsoever. I'm now almost 34wks pregnant with a lil girl and even with my history of delivering at 35wks, my dr never recommended these shots. I'd get a second opinion. Technically you were 9mo. and anything over 36 1/2wks is considered full term.


cayingo - October 12

I actually have gotten a second opinion. Both the perinatologist (which I go to b/c of being AMA) and my regular OB recommend I take them. I've gone to websites such as the MArch of Dimes and they not only are proponents of this type of prevention but claim an 85% decrease in chance to go into preterm labor. I'd love to hear form some one who has actually gone through this therapy themselves.


hollyl2313 - October 12

Hi I am pregnant w/ my third baby and this is the second pregnancy where I have recieved the shots. My first DS was born at 31 weeks and had to spend six weeks in the NICU. So w/ my second pregnancy I recieved the progesterone injections and my DD was born one day shy of 38 weeks. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not but she was born a week and one day after my last injection. I am now 35 weeks and have my last shot on Monday. I am sooooo excited to be done!!! I know some people might be against the injections but I have had nothing but good results so far. There is no 100 percent evidence that it will help, but it has helped me carry my last two pregnancies to term. Good luck. I hope you get the answers you need.


Buffi R. - October 15

I had my son at 32 weeks and he was hospitalized for 12 weeks before coming home (he developed a life-threatening intestinal infection that required multiple surgeries, etc.). I'm almost 30 weeks with my second baby (a girl) and I went on the weekly prog. shots at 16 weeks because of my prior history. With my son, I had him early because of a combination mild placental abruption & v____al infection, and I had NO indications of trouble before the day he arrived, at least nothing that anyone noticed. This time, I've been in L&D twice already because of spotting & frequent (but painless) contractions, and during a recent non-stress test, I was told I have an irritable uterus. But even with these problems, I'm still pregnant and doing well! I firmly believe that the shots have helped with this pregnancy, and I'm so glad I went on them. Maybe my body just doesn't like to go full term, and with the problems I've already had this time, I wonder if I would have delivered even sooner without them. I'll be on the shots until 36 weeks.


Mzwest83 - October 15

My first child was born at 26 weeks and my second at 37. With this one I have been getting the shots since 16 weeks. I don't know if it has helped any but I thought what would it hurt!


cayingo - October 16

Thank you all for your stories. From the reasearch I've done it sounds like there is quite a bit of evidence in favor of them. The one thing I have noticed is the distinction of the type of progesterone being the "17-hydroxyprogesterone". My vial I received only specifies it as hydroxyprogesterone. It doesn't say 17 in the name. Anyone else's tell you the specific type?


Buffi R. - October 16

I happen to have a photocopy of my Rx label here at work in my insurance files, and here's what mine says: "Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate 250mg/ml 10ml Inj.....Inject 1 ml (250mg) intramuscularly each week, protect from light". Mine doesn't say anything about the "17" part. I think that's just an abbreviation for the drug compound, having 17 molecules of progesterone, or something like that. By the way, my insurance covers a portion of the cost for me. I have to pay for it in full from the pharmacy, but then I send a claim to my insurance for reimburs____nt of my co-pay. I had to get approval from the insurance company's medical review department, but they agreed to it because of some new FDA approvals for this use. It's the kind of thing that might not be covered for fertility purposes (like IVF), but for the prevention of pre-term birth in women with a history of that, it can be covered by insurance sometimes, depending on your policy. Wouldn't hurt to check!


cayingo - October 16

My insurance covers it. Each vial and syringes costs me only $20. Each vial will last 5 injections. We did IVF to get pg to start w/ and my insurance covered a lot of the meds for that too. They told me before we started meds could cost around $3,000, but they were only $350! Thank God for insurance. Thanks for the details of your Rx.



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