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Soooo confused on what to do - November 10

OK - I'm 36 weeks today (11/9) and on Tuesday I had my appointment (no internal done this time - I had been in the week before because I wasn't feeling well and they did an interenal then - everything was fine). Well, the Dr. said to schedule my next appointment for 2 weeks (11/21) I did, then the more I thought about it and my husband and I spoke about it and I was getting e-mails from preg. sites and reading my books it says that you should be seen every week at this point. I called the dr's office yesterday and the nurse agreed with me that it should be every week but said she would check with the Dr. on-call (there are 4 dr's and you have to see each one b-4 delivery-the dr I saw Tuesday I am not too fond of - no bedside manner and sort've snooty). Anyway, the dr. on call was the dr that I had seen on Tuesday (naturally it couldn't be a dr whose opinion that I accept and respect - and she said that every 2 weeks would be fine for me (this I don't understand because I have a previous placenta abruption-emergecny c-section etc). I am soooooo confused, has anyone ever experienced this? Anything anyone can recommend that I do? I know this may sound strange, but I honestly don't know if this is normal or not. If everything says every week you should be seen now and they are still doing every 2 weeks how do they know if anything changes in that 2 weeks since this is when things start to happen? Ugghhhhh - I don't know what to do!!!!


Jamie - November 10

Call on a different day, get a 2nd opinion.


Michelle - November 10

I had kind of the same thing... but i am only 29 weeks and supposed to go every 2.... well they scheduled me for once a month until the beginning of Dec. I will leave it that way because I don't trust any of the other doctors. You should be fine, just don't stress about it too much, that is worse for you. One thing I want to know, is why haven't you met the 4 doctors to choose from sooner?


jen - November 10

I work in healthcare so I have a little different view when it comes to physicians. They work for you although some of them forget that. I would call back, explain the situation including your previous experience and the concern that you have, and tell them you need an apt for 1 week. If you don't get the response you want, ask if one of the physicians can call you personally. They tend to be much less pushy then their staff. Good luck and remember that it really doesn't matter what the people at that office or the doctor thinks of you as long as your baby and you are healthy and safe.


Christine - November 10

I am the one that started the post - thanks all for your responses. I am going to call and make the appointment for next week and discuss with the dr at that time (I won't make the appointment with the dr. that I am not comfortable with). Michelle, I have meet all 4 dr's all along thru preg. There are 4 in the practice and you have to go to each dr. at least 1 time so you are familiar with them in case they are on call when you are in the hospital so you are familiar with them. This dr. that I met with on Tuesday, she is not my normal dr. (he is out until week of Thanksgiving) but since I have to see each one of them (this was like the 2nd time I had seen her - each time I have walked away upset because she isn't as personable as the other dr's and it doesn't matter what type of question you ask you don't really get an answer - her response is usually it's normal. so I usually ask again at the next appointment with a diff. dr.). Anyway, thanks again for your replies and good luck to you all!



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