Weeks Along And Dilation Effacing

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DWilson924 - June 27

I am 35 1/2 weeks and had my first internal last night and was 1 cm (1 fingertip) and still "think" as she said it.


ARD - June 27

Well, I am 36 1/2 weeks and had my first internal today - no dialation, and 50% effaced. So don't guess I'll be going anytime soon. I hope within the next week or two I can progress more because I would like to schedule and induction to make sure my doctor can deliver the baby. He goes on vacation for a week two days before my due date and that just freaks me out!! I need him HERE!!! lol....he said he will schedule and induction ONLY if (and thats a BIG IF) my cervix is favorable or ripe. He doesn't want to push induction if the little one isn't ready. I understand that, but I sooooo don't want some random doctor delivering my child!!! Anyone else in the same boat??


ReneeM - June 28

Hey Ashley! Sounds like you are making progress! Not much longer! Believe me, it will be here before you know it, then time will just fly by! Sorry i have not kept in touch, i have been busy! It's been a little tough getting over the c section and taking care of the baby. Then last week i had a terrible case of food poisioning,it was really bad. That really set me back, but doing much better now. My little man is 2 1/2 weeks old now and doing great! I will try to email you some pics as soon as i remember how too! Usually my ds has to show me because i forget! Anyway, best of luck in your last weeks of pregnancy, just try to get plenty of rest, you soon miss that sleep you once had (even though it don't seem like good sleep when you feel huge and up to pee every few minutes!). I'll keep in touch when i can, and i look foward to reading your birth story and chatting over on infant care! Take care and good luck at your next appointment!


Laurabb4 - June 28

Hi ARD, I am planning to be induced so that my doctor will deliver. I go for my 37 week check tomorrow morning. I was 1 cm at my 36 week appt. If all looks good tomorrow I will be able to be induced next week!


piratesmermaid - June 28

My doctor is going to be out of town this coming week, I'll be 38 weeks along, so I hope she'll wait until he gets back!


ashley - June 28

Well I had my ob appointment today, exactly 36 weeks today. (not tomorrow I was wrong) Anyway, I am still 50% effaced, 1 cm dilated and baby is a -2 station. So I progressed from last week! YAY. So I was at the mall and I wen to the bathroom only to find the brown blood and such in my underwear and then wipe a bunch more and I think I lost my mucous plug or part of it anyway! scared me. Wasn't expecting to see that. I didn't spot last time I was checked. Now I have been crampy... sucks.


ashley - July 4

just checking in.


Laurabb4 - July 5

Hi Ladies, I am expecting my 4th. I am 38 weeks. I am at 3cm and my cervix is soft. Baby is still high. At my 36 week I was 1 cm at my 37 week I was 2 cm. But they say 2nd,3rd babies drop right at the end. I am being induced on Saturday! Good luck to you all.


ashley - July 5

Wow Laura! I hope I progress like you. My next OB appointment is Friday and I'll be 37 and 3 days along. I was not dilated at 35 weeks but was 50% effaced and then 1 cm at 36 weeks, so hopefully at my next appointment I will be 2 cm. Something has been going on so I'll be pretty disappointed if nothing has changed. I have had so many BH contractions that are now starting to be uncomfortable and also menstral type cramps that kind of hurt and lots and lots of pelvic pressure and lower back ache.. SO hopefully that means im doing something. I am being induced July 16 when I am 38 weeks 5 days along. But I was hoping to go before that....lol. I am still scared of being induced some what. I told the doc I wanted the epi as soon as I could possibly have it. she noted that in my chart, lol.


piratesmermaid - July 5

I'm 38 and 1/2 weeks today and today I am 75% effaced and 2 cm dialated. The midwife I saw today also said that my baby girl is getting lower, more forward which is really good. And the menstral-like cramping is caused by the baby basically wiggling lower and into the pelvis.


Laurabb4 - July 5

Hi Ashley, I will be 38weeks 2 days when I am induced. I was induced at 38/1 with my third. I do not want to go in the next day though I want my doctor to deliver and she is on starting Friday at 6 am. So I am going to lay low for the next day and 1/2. Even though I should get a few last minute things done. Hang in there. The day will be here before we know it!


Tanna - July 5

With my first two pregnancies I was dialated to 4 before I ever even knew it. I thought that would mean speedy delivery when the time came. WRONG! My son, who was 6 days early, took 16 1/2 hours to go from 4 to 10 once I started pitocin. My daughter, who was nearly 2 weeks early, took 8 hours to get from 4 to 10 after pitocin was started.


ashley - July 7

just posting my update.... I'll recap. 35 week check up-50% effaced, no dilation. 36 week check up 50% effaced 1 cm dilated, -2 station. Today's appointment 37 week appointment. 60% effaced, 1.5 cm dilated (she said not quite 2), -1 station. so not much progress, how depressing.


ashley - July 8

how is every one today?


GLORIA - July 8

Ashley, Hi, I'm new to this thread. I am 38 weeks and one day. This is my third baby. It's a boy. I already have two boys. Tristan is 11 and Garrett is 7. We are naming our new little guy Nickolas. He is due Julyl 21st. I went in for my weekly check-up yesterday and had my cervix checked. And nada!...very very little progress. The Dr. said I still have quite a bit of work to do. But my cervix is softening. I guess I'm really anxious to get this little guy out into the world. My first one came very rapidly. I was dialated at a 3 my whole last month with him. I lost my mucous plug three days before I had him. I had back labor and didn't know what to expect or what in the world was going on. When I finally got to the hospital I thought I was just getting started with the 'real' labor, my water never broke. Well when the nurse-midwife checked me she found I was dialated to a 9! Imagine our suprise. I had him 45 minutes later. They finally broke my water when his head was coming down. With my second things were much slower. I never dialated early or anything. I never had braxton hicks or any pelvic pressure or any miserable feelings most women say they felt in the last month with eaither of my first two. Then when I was 36 1/2 weeks along I went to the bathroom one evening and lost my mucous plug. When I got up later on in the middle of the night I had bright red blood. So the Dr. said get to the hospital pronto!. I still wasn't ahving contractions or labor or back ache. But when I got there they kept me to keep and eye on me. I was spotting some blood still. When the Dr came in to check me at 8:00 am she found that I was dialated to a 4. She allowed me to get up and walk around the hospital with my husband...to try to speed up my labor and contractions. I still wasn't really having any contractions that I could really feel real strong. When 10:00 am rolled around she asked if she could break my water and amybe that would help. And she gave me some Sta-dol. Which knocked me out immediately! I woke up at 1:50 pm with the urge to bear down and they checked me and told me I was ready to go. He was born at 2:10 pm....So yeah! I guess I am anxious. I thought it was supposed to get easier with each kid. I'm scared to death to have a huge huge! baby. I don't wanna have a c-section. I'll update you later on my progress. I go back to the dr again this friday. I guess with this one since I am getting a bit older (33 years old.) I am much whimpier or something. I just wanna have him!


ashley - July 8

gloria-I wish my first labor was any thing close to being like yours. They didn't sound painful or long at all! I woke up at 2am to use the bathroom (my normal routine lol) and i got done and walked to the kitchen to get a drink and I felt a little tiny gush as if I just leaked a bunch of warm urine. I thought holy cow I must not of been done. So I changed my underware and laid down and the minute I laid down my wather gushed. I ran to the bathroom and at on the toilet while it gushed out! I called the hospital and told them my water had just broke and they told me to come on in. so I did. I think I got there around 3am. No contractions that I could feel or any that made any progress. I was still like 80% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated at 7am. Around 10:30am they decided to start pitocin and by noon I was in a little pain. I was in the shower rocking. By 2:30-3:00pm I was begging for anything to take the pain away. I finally got my intrathecal and it was great. Took the pain away, but only lasted maybe an hour and a half. By 6pm the pain was back in full force. I asked for anything and they gave me a shot of something don't even know what it was. Didn't help because the baby's heart rate started dropping and they put me on oxygen and had me in all sorts of weird positions. By 8 30 I started pushing and at 9:26pm my daughter was born FINALLY weighing 5 lbs 12 oz. tiny little baby. I had been 39 weeks along too. So I hear you about NOT wanting a big baby. They are estimating this baby at around 6.5 lbs right now. I am so scared of another long labor. I have about a week until I am induced and now I am nervous, lol. She said they will start pitocin until I get a regular contraction pattern and then they will break my water. Anyway......I suppose I wrote enough.



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